Distance. From the creators of Nitronic Rush.
  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1857884659/distance-a-next-generation-arcade-racer

    I absolutely loved Nitronic Rush and I'm not usually one to put money down onto a kickstarter, but I did for this. Distance looks awesome and I really hope there are some people here on Noobtoob who can help spread the word a bit and hopefully become backers themselves because I really want to play this game! :D

    Right now its at just over $63K. It needs $125K to succeed, if it doesn't then it will most likely be cancelled. Theres only 11 days left. If you want to know what the game will be like, download and play Nitronic Rush (its free).
  • I hope they made it, because Nitronic Rush is pretty sweet. Of course not for a long period of time, but still they showed what they can, and I totally buy it. Racing game meets Tron, how cool is that?