3D/Binaural Sound-The Future of Games, Movies, Music? (bring headphones)
  • [SPOILER][video=youtube;mnHnNSL0JWs]



    ^Put on 720p and crank up that sound for full effect!

    Anyone else think studios should record movies in binaural in addition to normal recording techniques? This would work greatly for Max Payne 3 and other games with great amounts of time and effort put into their SFX and atmosphere through them. Any album should obviously, and many do already.

    And although I think IMAX will trump this any day of the week, films on DVD would benefit from this, you could get more of a theater-esque surround sound feel on your laptops and tablets, which is where most people are watching films these days.
    And there's no reason they can't.

    I can record binaurally and I'm just some schmuck with a laptop. I find it much more stimulating to my ears than the 3d visuals that are popular in Hollywood these days.

    P.S:Thread didn't post first time on forum and front page, so sorry if it loads later or something bizzare like that.
  • I say no, because it's been around since the 70s if not earlier, and never has taken off.
  • dead space in Binaural sound is crazy, ill see if i can find the youtube link for it, someone took a level from the first and it is awesome
  • Yeah I heard some of this stuff years ago and it's really cool, but no one seems interested in putting it out there. Would love to game with it.

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