Been meaning to join forever.
  • Hey so Finally got around to signing up, and joining the community.
    Just thought id say hey and see what everyone was up to. Hope to meet some fun people and play some fun games.

    Sure hope the community is as awesome as I remember it being. Look forward to meeting some new gamers.
  • Hello and Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)
  • Hope you post some more,seems many join and never post anything but the intro. Feel free to add your gamertag/PSN ID/Steam ID if you wanna join everyone in some gaming goodness. My Psn is bradythegiant88 if you're on there :D
  • I was talking to you earlier on IRC. Didn't realise you were new, welcome!
  • Hey thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
    Hope I can add to the community everyone's so friendly.
  • Welcome to the forums! Do you by any chance play BlazBlue? :)

    Take part in discussions, speak your mind and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. :D
  • No I don't play BlazBlue. Im pretty horrible at fighting games.

    Thanks for the welcome. The community is very friendly here.
  • Welcome aboard!
  • Welcome to the forums! What console do you play on the most (please say ps3 ;-; ).. Haha anyways, enjoy your stay :)
  • Mostly pc right now, also have a 360 and PS3. However my PS3 is not working currently had to send it in, some sort of power issue.
  • Hellos, hellos. Come say hi on Twitter too!
  • A belated welcome to the forum!

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