Help thinking of a way to use picture cards
  • I have a bunch of picture cards from collectors edition games that are just sitting in the boxes. I was thinking about laying the cards on my desk and putting a clear sheet above it that can also act as a mousepad, does anyone know any cheap sheets?

    Also open to other suggestions on what to do with those cards.
  • i use picture cards as backgrounds for my collectables, for example i have Dark Knight pictures..i used the joker ones as a background for my joker statue, if you have anything like that it might be worth a go
  • What do you mean by picture cards?
  • image
    They're the on the bottom left and the size of a postcard.

    Also have the mass effect litho from the collectors edition and final fantasy xiii-2.
  • You could buy a bigass frame and just lay them out all nicely to put on your wall or something.
  • There's no more room on my wall for a picture frame.
  • I realize this is a bit late as a post but here is my shot at it.

    Not sure if this is something you would be interested in but you could scan or take pictures of the images and use them as a background for your pc. Have them scroll through them randomly or something, or one giant image of all of them. Guess its not really using the physical cards though.

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