Assassins Ball
  • Has anyone tried this or plan on going?

    straight from the pax forum

    "Assassins returns! This year we are doing things somewhat different from past games so check below for whats changing and whats new! For those who are ready to order your kits you can do so here.

    What is Assassins Ball?
    In Assassins Ball you are given a mission to find a specific player while avoiding players trying to find you. When you find your target you “assassinate” them and take up their current mission to find a player. Each assassination can be registered online and nets you points on our leaderboards. Your overall objective is to assassinate as many players as possible before you yourself are assassinated or the game ends.

    Factions NEW!
    Assassins Ball brings a new element to the game: Factions. Players will be able to select from one of five themed factions. The factions are listed below, but to find out more go to

    Factions are a way to provide a more immersive experience using story and themes. They will also be used as an additional modifier in determining your potential targets.

    Achievements NEW!
    We feel like points just aren't enough to commemorate your kills anymore and with that in mind we're adding shiny new achievements for actions both big and small. We'll have more info about achievements soon.

    How it Works
    Ordering Kits
    To play in the PAX Prime game, you'll need to go to our website and purchase a kit. Kits are $5.50 plus shipping. For those who have played an Assassins game and still have their badge holder you can order an upgrade for $3.00 plus shipping.

    The cost of the kit is comprised of the material costs only. Shipping has increased in response to USPS price increasing and is now $2.50 per kit in the US, but is capped at the US Flat Ship Postal Rate for different locales, which means once you order enough kits shipping stays the same. i.e. In the US 3 kits will max out the shipping at $5.35. To save on international shipping rates, orders outside the US can be picked up before or during the show.

    A new option on the order form is for branding. Branding is a free service for groups of 10 or more playing. Branded badges have the groups logo displayed on the badge to the right of the faction symbol and special achievements can be added involving those badges. If you're playing with a group like that let me know and I can set up a branding file for you. Current groups with branding are:
    PMS & H2O Gaming Clans

    PAX Community Event
    Girls Meetup


    Your Kit
    Your kit contains everything you'll need to play. The main item in your kit is your player badge and an armband badge holder. Your badge has a 5-letter code and a symbol, made up of a shape and a color and faction. This represents you in the game and is what other players will look for on you to see if you are their target. It is also what you will look for on other players.

    The badge holder is a vertical armband badge holder and is what you'll wear your badge in and for Full Kit orders it will arrive liked this. We ask that you wear it on your right arm about midway up with the badge pointing out to your right. This way players will be able to identify other players quickly without having to look all over.

    The smaller card in your kit is your first Mission Card (called a KillTag in previous games). The major elements of your Mission Card are a shape, one or two colors and a faction sigil. These elements represent your target. The closer your target matches the elements described in your Mission Card the more points you will receive for your kill.

    The final item in your kit is a business card with a code on the back. This is your Death Card and it is to be given to a player if they assassinate you along with your current Mission Card. Likewise, when you assassinate another player they will give you theirs. Once you have lost your Death Card and current Mission Card you can no longer make assassinations.

    Finding Targets
    Any player whose badge matches the shape displayed on your Mission Card is a potential target even if their color and faction do not match those displayed. Assassinations where only the shape listed in your mission matches is called a Generic Kill and is worth the least amount of points of any kill. The more elements you can match on your mission to your target the more points you will get. It may well be worth it to let a generic target walk away and instead focus on more specific prey.

    Assassinations are verbal only! Please do not use weapons or props.

    Don't see something covered here or uncertain about a rule? Got a suggestion or constructive criticism? Think this is awesome? Ordered a kit? Let us know below! We're very excited about this years game and we hope you are too!

    We've released a new draft of our rules for Prime for you to look over and comment or ask questions about. We're committed to being as clear as possible about how to play so let us know if you're unsure about how something works is worded. You can find the draft release here.

    Community Rules (Optional)
    This section is for optional rules offered up by the community. Let us know if you have a suggestion for an optional rule!

    Loot or Booty
    While it's not fun to be killed, it is fun to give presents! You can die with a smile knowing your killer will enjoy your parting gift, taken off your lifeless corpse. Preferably something small you can give to all ages.

    Signature Kills
    Who says the dead get to have all the fun of giving? Leave something behind to mark your crime and that your target can enjoy in the afterlife while you fade into the shadows.

    Help us get the word out!
    Assassins grows primarily through word of mouth. Help us get the word out and let us know any suggestions you have on reaching people! Here's some ways we're connecting with people:
    Twitter handle for Assassins news and updates: @PAXAssassins with the #PAXassin hashtag.
    We've created a Google+ and Facebook page for Assassins as well.
    Each faction can now be shared on Google+ and Facebook. Support your faction and let your friends know about Assassins Ball!

    Faction Populations
    Kingsport Raiders [19]
    Robot Ninjas [24]
    Varsity Dead [20]
    Cowboy 'Verse [17]
    Sparkly Ponies [17]"

    If we get more than 10 people we could make a noobtoob Brand.