The Curiosity rover landed on Mars.
  • I thought this was really cool, so I'm making this thread about it.
    I'd like for cool pictures and (video?) from the Curiosity to be posted in here.
    There's not much yet, but we should be getting more over time.
    Just Mars stuff in general would be cool. :)



    Also here's a long video about going to Mars. I watched it last week and found it interesting.
  • I'm a little confused at all the hoopla surrounding this. I understand it's the "best" rover we've landed yet and is a definite positive step, but some of the seemingly hyperbolic statements about it seem a bit off to me.. we've landed rovers before, and the Discovery is still kicking around Mars as we speak, 8 years strong, even if it's not as capable a rover as Curiosity.

    NASA is rather aimless right now in direction and funding, Moon and Mars bases are still kind of pipe dreams (we should be shooting for an ISS like base on one of them), asteroid mining is even more a pipe dream, and our satellite infrastructure is extremely outdated and in need of repair. None of these really are getting accomplished though, other than these Mars rovers collecting some data on Mars that may help with future human exploration.

    I don't know, I guess I am more disenchanted with space progress (or lack thereof right now), and screaming for joy at another Mars rover seems rather infantile a celebration to me. Someone tell me what's up?
  • Latest pic from Mars!


    They'd also like the US to send a garbage collection expedition to clean up all the shit they've dumped on Mars over the years.

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