Trying to buy boots from
  • I have a unique problem. I'm trying to get this boot for a pirate costume:

    The problem is, the company that sells it will only ship to an address in the UK. So, while I can buy the boots, I can't have them shipped to me. I've already scoured the internet for weeks, literally, and this is the only website I can find them in my size. I have also asked ask all my UK friends, one by one, and every single one of them have turned me down. So now I'm hoping one of you guys can do this for me as I'm running out of time. I can pay for them and I will find a way to reimburse the shipping cost. I just need someone willing to let me send this to their house and then ship it to me. Of course, if you know of another way, I'm all ears.

    Before you ask, I know it's being sold on Ebay. I tried there already but they told me the boots were sold already and refunded my money. Strange enough, they still haven't taken down the auction and this was weeks ago.