Episode #019 - 11/15/2006
  • The new ep is up, and Yuzo and I are a bunch of drooling fanboys over Gears of War. Don't worry, there's plenty of shit talking, too.

    But oh man, is the chainsaw fun. BZZZZZZZZZZZAW!
  • Sending out an S.O.S .. Sending out an S.O.S .. message on a forum :)
    *cough cough* anyway

    There I was , watching my RSS feeds " awesome ! A new noobtoob ! "
    Only to be dissaopinted by the fact that the mp3 doesnt download ( Doesnt exist ? ) and that the player on the website doesnt play ( error no file ? ) either ...

    Please fix it guys :roll: wouldnt want me to unleash my "Giant enemy crab" now would ya 8)
  • Ditto - only getting the htm file from the RSS feed
  • Augh! The permissions were set incorrectly on the mp3 file, so it wasn't letting users download it. Sorry!

    If you're still seeing problems, just clear your cache. I've just tested it on my browser player and it's working now.

    Enjoy the episode!
  • Working now =)
  • Yes it`s working :D

    Just finished listening to it , even tough i took me two hours since I kept on getting disturbed by people
    Why cant people respect the fact you want to listen to podcasts in peace ? It should be your basic right damnit :evil:

    I will break down my comments into sections for easier reading .

    Gears of war

    GoW is without a doubt the most talked about game of this year .
    And with good reason if I look at the gameplay movies , graphics and comments . What I havent heard much about was the co-op , untill you guys went on about it .
    In one word the co-op sounds " AWESOME "and quite franctly I would love more games to be online co-op able .
    From a developer standpoint its a tricky thing to implement since the AI`s of the two consoles have to be synced to react the same for both players .

    What most games also tend to do wrong with co-op be it off or online.
    Take Halo 2 for example .
    If you co-op with that (offline) then both players will be the Masterchief.
    Thats stupid , cause there is only one masterchief .

    It just shows you that Epic took the " Hey we want co-op in our game to be online and we are going to have it make sense "

    Even without co-op , Dom is always with Marcus so that makes perfect sence in on-line co-op too .

    I am also really loving the fact that you can JUST go and do a co-op whilst you already have a single player game going .
    That is just totally awesome , I havent seen a game do that to date yet.
    GoW will set the new standard for Online gaming for sure .

    I ordered GoW yesterday at a very reliable webstore in my country.
    Everythign I purchased , if its in stock . It will be at your doorstep the next day if ordered befoer 19:30 . Thats a garentee and thats how I always got my orders for the last 4 years .

    Geuse what ! They did send it last night , and that maens you are automaticly going to get it the day after ( now ) but I just checked the online parcel tracking system and MY PACKAGE IS BEING DELAYED because of "incident" that happened on the office the parcel is being processed at . *@%*&*(#&*(%^&(&*

    I had it all worked out .

    1. Get the guys to come over.
    2. Get beer
    3. Play GoW
    4. Sleep
    5. Wake up early and play more GoW
    6. Go out to dinner with G/F sleep over at her place etc. etc.
    7. Play more GoW when I get back on Sunday till Monday morning !

    See the pattern ? Well the post office sure as hell F*`d that one up for me.
    God :(

    Supreme Commander

    It is THE game I am waiting for and I am hating it everyday that I cant get a key to join the open beta.
    You can download the game`s installer , tough doesnt do you any good without the beta key as its an online versus only beta.
    Tough , there is good news for if you DO wanna play it .
    There is a cheat to get the AI to play against you so you dont need to login to the auth servers ( thus not needing a key ) and play a versus match against the dreaded AI.

    The game is looking up to be awesome , and the dual-screen support is freaking amazing i have been preaching that for YEARS .. YEARS .
    You can have two individual things going on at both screens.
    Your mini map isnt so mini , and you can have all the build controls and management on one screen and the (huge) playing area in 3D on the other.
    Or variations there off ( they have some variations )

    Another really good RTS where you dont have to mine gold / ore but is really tactical and exciting ?
    Company of heroes , made by Relic . Guys who did the Homeworld series

    It is world war 2 .. but it totally feels like call of duty except RTS`sed .
    Give the demo a try its freaking intense .

    Guitar Hero 2

    Ok Ok you guys convinced me , I`ll go out next week .
    I was waiting for the 360 version too .. but NEXT YEAR !?
    I cant wait that long ...
    I`m geussing I`ll go with the cherry red guitar too :)

    But dude , Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360 with ONLINE co-op would so
    be a good reason to buy that tacky Xbox live vision camera !!!

    Metal Slug Anthology : To wii or not to wii ?

    You guys mentioned Metal Slug Anthology in this episode for the Wii.
    And you guys were wondering about the control sceme.
    Well wonder no more , as here is a link to a video on youtube showing
    you the five :!: different control scemes you can use on the Wii .


    In my opinion (being a die hard 2D shooter fan .. and Metal Slug fan) the Wii control scemes with the wiimote and nunchuck just plain sucks.
    Even with one of the more practical of the 5 control scemes you still wont have the needed speed and reflexes to finish the game ( most notably the harder parts 3 and 6 ) unless they in some way lowered the enemy count or difficulty level .

    But guys . Especially Yuzo since Tobin doesnt have a PSP.
    Metal Slug Anthology is also coming out on the PSP this month .
    It will pack Metal slug 1 trough 6 .
    6 being the latest installment , done by SEGA no less .
    And its damn fun , the last level was ridiculous tough , even harder then the insanely hard end stage of metal slug 3 ( wich is in my opinion the best metal slug game and the last made by the original SNK team )

    I seriously think Metal Slug is a better purchase for a handheld to play on the go then for the Wii .

    Sony Playstation 3 Media center sjizzles

    O.K even if your not metro(sexual) enough to ascesorize your own custom Bluetooth gadgets . The option is there and it is nice . nd cheaper
    I Personally dont like the gimmicky Xbox live 360 headset .
    And hell I dont like the crappy quality in-game but thats a different issue.
    Buying a decent wireless Xbox live 360 headset would set me back 60 Euro`s but I can get a Bluetooth headset for 20 bucks that has more sturdier build quality .
    So to me that is all about "having the option" for an alternative .

    As far as installing Linux goes , Linux is the default OS that ships with the unit as is already .
    The "install other OS " option is used to .. well isntall a different OS.
    But I am geussing ( since nobody knows for sure yet ) that it is a different flavor of linux that you can install.
    Just like you got redhat , Mandriva , Fedora core and god knows what.

    The catch ? Sony has got to put up the ISO online for the alternate OS`s.
    My geuse ? That they make a OS installation bundle with the appropriate drivers for the PS3 hardware.

    Now the homebrew thing really is true . And thats also why Linux is on the system as an open-source development platform.
    You do have to pay for Microsofts XNA if you wanna develop something.
    You dont , with Linux on the PS3.

    I do agree that alot of people go silly with the whole Linux on a gadget thing. I mean hell I seen a dude transform his DS into a working FTP and Apache webserver .. god .
    But the way Sony is going about , its a good direction .
    Open up the console .. hell we all know the homebrew software on the PSP in terms of media players ,RSS readers adn god knows what that come out on the net are FAR better then what Sony themselves are devving up . And if they can get more hardware sales out of it due to user content then why not ?

    We`ve all seen what Xbox media center did for the original Xbox .
    If that kinda homebrew gets released on the PS3 , hell yes that that is a good reason to spend 600 dollars on a high-end media center WITH 3D gaming on the side :lol:

    General comments on Noobtoob

    * Recording quality is really good
    * No problems with length of podcast unilke a certain somebody
    * Down to earth , no commercial biased comments
    * God you guys are so hardcore to use teamspeak or skype whilst
    playing on xbox live . I agree the quality sucks and in some games it bugs up like in Chrome Hounds , but still .

    I seriously prefer noobtoob over even 1UP`s podcasts .
    Why ? I dont know .. those 1UP guys come over so arrogant most of the times and most of their opinions are really biased .
    *cough* puzzle game hater tobin*cough*
    I mean you have all these stereotypes too .
    There is the hardcore SDF member ( sony Defense Force ) then there are the die-hard Microsoft preachers and lastly you got the guy that hates them all but is used to comment SOMETHING negative over a good game .
  • Find the noobtoob community an online co-op game? Something like GoW except with a larger limit than 2 in co-op?

    It'll be fun~

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