Star Wars: The Old Republic introduces F2P option this Fall
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    Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon have a true free-to-play option, as announced on July 31, 2012. It will introduce the standard model of coins to buy premium items, and some restricted content to free players, though free accounts may still play through level 50. Restrictions on free accounts include limited access to character creation choices, a limited number of warzones and flashpoints allowed per week, cannot take part in "Operations", some quick travel options will be limited, and subscribers will have priority access to server login. There are a few other limitations to be found here.

    Subscribers will also receive a certain allowance of coins for the cash shop every month, as well as a number correlated to the number of active months you've had on your account up to the free-to-play launch at the time of implementation.

    The retail price of the game will also drop to $14.99 USD, including a one month subscription. Bioware also states that with this initiative, they will "be increasing the frequency of game content updates, with the first of many new releases coming in August."

    An exact date has not yet been announced.

    For more information, you may read the following links:
    Original Press Release
    Subscription v. Free Chart
    Developer Blog

    Well, what do you guys think? Turbine seems to do well with this model. I'll probably still keep my subscription, but do you think too many people will unsubscribe to make this potentially profitable, or will the appeal to new players be great enough to bring them in? Personally, I feel that with a free to play option many of my friends will now be able to join me, which is a good thing, though I know this has potentially devastating consequences if it backfires.

  • wahoo, I'll finally give this game a go.
  • What great timing for Bioware, this post and myself! After about a year away from the forum (having completed a teaching course and now enjoying a long summer holiday) I'm currently downloading SWTOR and have just logged back into noobtoob for the first time to see if there was any SWTOR threads etc...

    I'm interested to see how the game will run on a free 2 play basis but will suffice with the current F2P lvl 15 cap and see how I find the game. If my MMORPG addiction strikes back (sober now for 5 years!) then the free 2 play option may be a good shout; we shall see!?

    Also, is there a server that noobtoobers tend to play on? It would be great to have players online that come from a friendly community! If so, someone please give me a heads up of which server to join; cheers.
  • Well golly gee, sure never saw this coming!
  • The F2P option is really, really gimped. The terms mentioned in the OP mean; less travel options regarding speeders, no Operations (basically endgame raids), limited Flashpoints (dungeons), limited Warzones (PvP), and limited space combat (on rails shooter in SPAAAAAAAAACE).

    I'm not sure what F2P means for TOR. It's been pretty obvious that they're not going to keep up with all the voice acting work they orignally comitted to. A game with such a massive grind is probably tougher to do F2P, a lot of MMOs that go F2P greatly reduce the grind (see; Aion), or sell a bunch of cash items to expediate the grind. Considering that level 50 is "where it's at" for TOR, I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see a lot of XP bonus cash items down the road.

    At this point, the subscription model is completely dead outisde of WoW and Eve; The Secret World and Tera are stuggling, and TES Online will too, if it's not free. There's a few other niche successes out there; FF XI (still), Runescape's sub, Dark Age of Camelot and EQ 1 and 2, but those are very small niches, not what publishers and developers aim for.

    I'm wondering if Bioware/EA are trying to get people to sub by giving them a gimped F2P version to act as a srt of "demo." That would be a new strategy - most F2P games simply rely on cash shop revenue - and I am not sure it'll work too well.

    I still think TOR was one of the best MMO releases in a long time. The class quests are very fun, and it has excellent (and relatively balanced) PvP. The biggest problem it is facing to this day is a total lack of endgame content, particularly in PvE. People didn't really jump on the "you'll want to have 8 alts to try all the storylines" idea.
  • We tend to play on the Nightmare Lands EU server, though we haven't managed to set up s successful meetup yet I don't think. PM me if you get on.
  • Well this was kind of disappointing to me, I was really rooting for this game. But I'm still glad that the kept the Sub. option available as I will not be cancelling mine.
  • Their downfall was not making an MMO but rather making a single player RPG that happened to have other players in it, or so it felt.
  • Chip said:
    Their downfall was not making an MMO but rather making a single player RPG that happened to have other players in it, or so it felt.

    i agree with this, i played from the 2nd day of EA and while i did love playing the was very rare to actually find someone to quest with outside of your guild or friends list, this lead to PvE feeling like a pure single player experience unless you were spamming chat, LFG [insert flashpoint here]

    to me even PvP felt like a single player experience, i unsubbed in the bored of it..i will not be returning, even though it is going F2P/P2W. im just gonna wait until GW2 hits and play the crap out of that
  • Chip said:
    Their downfall was not making an MMO but rather making a single player RPG that happened to have other players in it, or so it felt.

    Maybe that's why I like it so much. Though with the new Groupfinder, you don't have to spam chat to LFG for Flashpoints. Though I wish they had Groupfinder support for Heroic quests, as I do still have to chat for those unless my guild is on.

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