2012 Olympics
  • What do you guys think of the olympics so far? What games are you watching?

    The opening ceremony was pretty good, there was a lot of interpretive dancing that was kind of weird.

    I'm watching the soccer games both men and women. I like the fast pace action of table tennis and badminton. And of course the basketball games, do you think this years team could beat the dream team? I think that last olympics team could beat the dream team but this year there's not enough size and the team is plagued by injury.

    One gripe I have with the games is including dressage and taking out baseball. What the hell is dressage, does the horse get the medal?
  • The Opening Ceremony was mind-blowing, I absolutely loved it! The forging of the Olympic ring was amazing, and by far my favourite bit of the show. I loved the copper petal flame pyre too! I can honestly say that the four hours that the Opening Ceremony was on were some of the most proud moments of my life, and I realise that some of the quirkier sides of the show may not have translated but it captured Britain perfectly - and Danny Boyle has done Britain proud with that show!

    I went yesterday to watch Team GB Women's football against Cameroon, which was a great, the atmosphere was amazing despite the stadium only being at half capacity - still 30,000 people can still make a lot of noise apparently. Women's football isn't really that big in the county, but it was by far the most interesting game I have seen in a while!

    I have been watching the Tennis and the Gymnastics today on the TV, I am enjoying the coverage so far.

    I have a few gripes though, the first being the empty seats - so many people want to be at the Olympic events and despite all the tickets being allocated and sent out the venues are still looking a bit empty for some events, it's not fair on the athletes if supporters only show up in there seats for one match/game when the tickets they have been allocated are for hours of good events!

    There has also been a few high profile (at least it was made high-profile here...) incidents concerning American attitudes for the games - namely Mitt Romney and NBC... which is a shame, but this more than makes up for it- http://www.thejournal.ie/cockney-rhyming-slang-olympics-534492-Jul2012/ ! <--- LOVE THIS
  • I've got to admit the rings were pretty cool and the flame pyre, where'd they move the pyre to? My family all Chinese seemed to think it was really boring but they're all bias and think no one can beat the Chinese one, the Chinese one had a lot of people but this years was a bit more creative.

    The stadiums do look a but empty, maybe they'll fill up in the medal rounds.

    That was really dumb of Romney all he had to do was do his photo op, but no he had to open his mouth.
  • I think Danny Boyle knew that he couldn't compete with the Beijing Opening Ceremony, so he took a different approach!
  • No they couldn't beat the dream team, but I think they can take down any country the world throws at them right now.
  • Ligerzero said:
    What the hell is dressage, does the horse get the medal?

    Professional horse prancing. Yes, the dressage Olympian is a giant among men. The Japanese entrant is a 71 year old man!

    They may as well make rodeo an Olympic event. Ride that bull!

  • Dressage is all about composure and skill and perfecting a routine, it's a sport for a sir. (or madam)


    Here's Princess Anne's daughter at the Dressage: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/19037788 (she did fantastic)

    and 100% agree with you stealth assassin, the opening was mind blowing!!! (although dissapointed there was no doctor) i feel a lot of people from other countries didn't get alot of the metaphors that was used though and that saddens me :( i really liked how the industrial revolution literally and metaphorically rose out of the good old green days and stripped it and destroyed it. Also Kenneth Branagh was awesome, i loved him every second of it. The children's story bit was spectacular and the house and dancing was really cool, fantastic to hear those CLASSIC, CLASSIC brittish songs. IMO it was the best opening i've ever seen. I feel that beijing's opening was just a firework's display and didn't offer anything truely unique or display anyting that shows off china.
  • puff said:
    No they couldn't beat the dream team, but I think they can take down any country the world throws at them right now.

    I'm not much of one for jingoism or nationalistic chest-thumping, but it does feel a little bit like that right now. Unfortunately, I was out on Friday night so couldn't watch any of the ceremony, but that it seems to have been so well received when the national mood has been largely sceptical towards the games (in some quarters at least) has to be an enormous success. I joked about Danny Boyle doing the opening ceremony, saying 'well, the action sequences will be rubbish, then', but they seem to have struck a lovely tone.

    Also, I love his notes from the programme at the event:


    HNNGH....Heart...trying...to beat...out of chest.

    Side note: Just heard on the news this morning that all those beds that were used in the National Health Service section (and I can't tell you how pleased I am that the NHS got the recognition it deserves as a cultural touchstone) are going to be converted back to being working hospital beds and donated to a hospital in Tunisia. Class.

    Finally, we had the Men's and Women's cycle race come through our village on Saturday and Sunday, so I'll try and post some of the pictures from that as soon as I get 'em off the camera...
  • Yeah Brits, control thy mighty patriotic penises; the opening ceremony wasn't that good. :p

    And what the fuck are you guys doing to South Korean fencers? I read this story in the news today and it sounds like you boys don't know your elbows from your arseholes.
  • you're right fibble, maybe it needed more fireworks and maybe a few cheerleader squads.....maybe even some bull riding and less meaningful stuff :)
  • With the two medals from yesterday phelps is the most decorated olympian. I hate how nbc is airing the events I don't get to watch final rounds till late at night.
  • gold for team GB today! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  • two south korean, one chinese and indonesian badminton team were thrown out for throwing matches to have better seating.
  • The us basketball game was crazy.
  • These Olympians are overrated. Racist Greeks, hooligan Australians, cheating Chinese/Koreans/Indonesians who get shown the door, cheating Brits and South Africans who admit as much and are allowed to keep their medals anyway.

    Oh what a display of sportsmanship at its highest level.....my ass!!
  • Finally.

    I've been wanting to say the Olympics are crap, considering the corporate control over local businesses and relocation of citizens (it happened in London too, they had to move homeless people because that would mess up their image!), plus rampant nationalism, but didn't want to be a Debbie Downer. Now that Flibble has opened the gates, I feel much better.
  • Lets not forget about Japanese women soccer team for pulling the same crap the badminton teams did but they were a lot more subtle then them.
  • I pretty much saw all I want to that's associated with the Olympics in one video;

  • fucking so happy that Murray beat Federer in the final :D REVENGE FOR WIMBLEDON BITCH!
  • i think opening ceremony is quit good. but ending ceremony of Olympic is so bad i didn't expect that. but overall this is good effort by london.

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