are 3 fans enough?[pc question]
  • so today i got myself a new case for my pc , i got a cool master 912 HAF+ and is a beast if i do say so my self, my card is gainward nvidia geforce gtx 460..i have been having some heat problems with it (sole reason for buying a new case) the case came with 2 fans..a giant one on the front and a normal size fan on the back..the case is also well ventilated..i bought myself a 3rd fan and threw that in there too.

    in my old case wich had 1 fan..temps rose to 90 degrees plus..(my old case was also alot smaller) my wuestion to you is, is 3 fans enough to keep the card at a low and stable temp? or do i need to invest in liquid cooling??
  • The card itself has a fan on it, so you actually have 4 fans.
  • yeah but that fan might aswell not really be there lol
  • Unless you've severely messed up the air flow in your case with your third fan (which would be impressive in its own right to do, actually), three case fans should absolutely be enough.
  • thanks for the replies people, my GPU has been holding up well with these fans, i do have a question however..are there any super quiet fans you could recomend? the fiance is getting anoyed, bitching at me about the fans being too loud
  • For keeping quiet, you really just need to look at the dBA value on the fan box. You should see what dBA your current fans are if you still have the case manual and/or fan boxes, and compare to other fans. The general is typically around 12dBA, though with a 60mm you can get down to 8dBA. The larger the fan, the more likely it is to be noisy, but also the cooler it's going to keep the case. You aren't going to need as many case fans if you have a 140mm in your case, but it also is putting out 32dBA, so it's just kind of figuring out the best sizing and quantity for the airflow of your case.
  • ahh sweet thanks for the info, ordered myself a couple of sharkoon fans..the fan blades look like golf balls with the dimples and everything lol they are pretty quiet though, fiance hasn't said a word about the noise since i got them.

    i have another question, its unrealted to fans but i thought it would be easier to just post in here than clutter up the forum some more.

    i have been pretty much rebuilding my PC from the ground up gradually, i got a ew GPU,new PSU,new fans, new case and have ordered a 1TB external HDD and am upgrading to 8 gig of ram (currently 4gig) i guess the only thing i want now is a new motherboard but i really don't know what to go with.

    i have seen some pretty good motherboard and CPU bundles on amazon but they are all AMD..i always hear bad things about AMD so i would prefer to stick with intel, im not sure on the model of the mother board i have, but it is a bog standard PC motherboard that has intergrated graphics(wich i dont use), its a quadcore and has HDMI..i feel like i need more though. anyone have any sugestions as to what i should go for?
  • Crymzen said:
    i always hear bad things about AMD so i would prefer to stick with intel

    I use to feel that way. I finally caved and went with a quad AMD cpu and have had no problems at all. Saved a lot by going to AMD too.

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