The Dark Knight Rises SPOILER Thread
  • It says it right in the title. I wanted to start a thread up for us guys that have seen the film so we can talk about it openly without the worry of spoiling it for everybody else.

    So guys what did everyone think of the final film in the dark knight trilogy? Like me did Caines speach to Bruce make you feel all emotional and squirt out a tear? Did you like then ending?

    Have at it anything goes about the film in this thread.

  • I'm tempted to say it's the best one in the trilogy. Most complete acting by the entire cast and the most emotionally varied, plus Bane was very compelling from a plot standpoint.
  • Bane's death was really disappointing. He just got blown up. I felt really bad For Gordon because of the way he had changed from the good cop into a man who is being crushed by Harvey Dent's murder and his family left. :'(

    One thing that has been really bugging me. How in the hell did bruce get back to gotham from the pit? he had no money no passport and his company is bankrupt. There was no explanation what so ever. It would have been cool if he like called alfred and then he picks him up or something.
  • Me before seeing TDKR: Anne Hathaway is going to be a terrible Catwoman. I have yet to see a good movie Catwoman and I completely expect Anne Hathaway to fail as well.

    Me after seeing TDKR: Good job Anne Hathaway, my previous hatred for you as an actress is no more. I am impressed.

    The one thing that really bugged me in this move was the gigantic fist fight war between the cops and the thugs at the end. Everyone has guns... and instead of a gunfight we get a gigantic brawl simply so it can better look like chaos in the background of Bane and Batman's streetfight. Lets all line up in the street and charge at eachother like its a Lord of the Rings or Kingdom of Heaven war scene. I felt like Mr. Nolan forgot that his movie took place in modern times during that scene, unless someone can perhaps elaborate on why everyone decided to bring fists to a gunfight?

    monochromaticx said:

    One thing that has been really bugging me. How in the hell did bruce get back to gotham from the pit?

    He's the F**king BATMAN, thats how.
    Really though, I think he got out with a couple weeks worth of time left on the timer. Then when he arrives in Gotham there is literally 1 day left on the timer. Mr.Wayne being the resourceful guy he is and with all the powerful friends he has, I'm sure it would be pretty easy for him to get back to Gotham in a few weeks.
  • loved the movie as a whole..hated the quick fixes..

    the movie was close to three hours long and they couldn't take 2 minute to explain just how that knee brace is suposed to work? yeah sure just strap on your knee..hey look i now ignore the fact i have ZERO cartalidge as the doctor 2 minutes before just explained and i am batman again...that kinda shit annoys the hell out of me

    i loved the movie, the acting was perfect, the characters were all interesting..and it completely destroyed my previous thoughts about how bane and catwoman would be in the movie..kinda saw the ending coming but thats not a fault with the movie..thats just because i spent so much time reading up abou tthe movie throug its production that i knew who that person was from the start, so i ruined that for myself.

    although i knew that woman was going to turn out to be talia, what i didn't see was the prison back story actually being hers, as we all know..the prison back story is really really similar to banes actual origin in the comics so that did catch me off gaurd a little

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