Canceled shows.
  • I finally watched the show firefly and really like it. I can see why it has a cult following and am really disappointed that it got cancelled. So i was wondering what are your favourite tv shows that got cancelled.
  • arrested development it was a funny show, I didn't watch all of episodes so I guess I could go back and watch those.
  • Firefly
    Bones (it appears it's being canceled, but I don't think it's been officially announced yet)
    Veronica Mars (come on, who doesn't like Kristen Bell)

    Listed in order of which I'd like back the most.
  • itstheletterfive said:
    Bones (it appears it's being canceled, but I don't think it's been officially announced yet)
    Veronica Mars (come on, who doesn't like Kristen Bell)

    Listed in order of which I'd like back the most.

    No not bones, that would be such a bad place to cancel. I was excited about terranova but it fell flat for me.
  • Arrested Development
    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future
    Dead Like Me
    Human Target
    Lie To Me
    Stargate Atlantis
    Stargate SG1
    Stargate Universe
    The Unit

    Some of the shows like SG1 and House got a decent run, but I wasn't done with them yet an hoped for more.

    For Bones fans it hasn't been canceled, it was renewed for an 8th season in march.
  • Wait House was cancelled? O_O; Damn I've been outta the loop.

    Also, the second I saw the thread title I thought "Gorram Firefly!"



  • Atleast they got to give house a decent end.
  • Chears... and all the teenagers say 'your OLD!!!!!!!!!!'
  • killswitch423 said:


    I'm pretty sure i saw all the episodes but some of these quotes are new. Is there deleted scenes or something?
  • Did you see Serenity as well?
  • The pilot? Yeah. Are those its deleted scenes.
  • Big Fuzzy Dude said:
    The pilot? Yeah. Are those its deleted scenes.

    No, not the pilot episode of the same name. The 2005 firefly film Serenity.
  • What Ineptic said. It was basically the real ending to the series since the actual show was so abruptly cancelled.
  • There were several failed attempts to pair up a show with XFiles, two of which I really enjoyed and had hoped they would continue after the first season. But both Strange Luck and Brimstone never quite lived up to the XFiles hype and they were canceled. Which was too bad, as I thought D B Sweeny and his lucky cameraman was both hilarious and fun, and John Glover did an amazing portrayal of the Devil. Both shows took a few episodes to really get going, but just as they found their stride were shot down.
  • Pushing Daisies went for two seasons and I didn't find it until a few years after it was cancelled, but I really wish it went on for more because it was an amazing show. Quirky, hilarious, and cute as hell. If you like Dead Like Me then you should like Pushing Daisies. Also if you like romantic comedies you should love Pushing Daisies. Its got a Dr.Suess-esq narrator and a unique style.

    Basically its about a guy who can bring people back to life with a single touch. If he touches them again they die again. If the person is alive for longer than 60 seconds then someone else nearby dies. He and an investigator team up to solve crimes by bringing murder victims back from the dead for 59 seconds and asking them who killed them. Then one of the cases is his childhood sweetheart. Falling in love without being able to touch the other person is SO cute.

    I seem to be a little unique in that I'm a guy whos favorite film genre is romance and romantic comedy. :/

    Also +1 for Firefly and Dead Like Me (Firefly's movie "Serenity" was also amazing, but Dead Like Me's movie sucked.)
  • Yeah Pushing Daisies got a little too 'gay' for me... what I mean by that is emo not (just) stupid. stupid is implied by the bitchiness though.

    You'd probly like Better off Ted as well, I recently moved off of Daiseys (cuz it ended) to Ted. It's pretty good. a little droll after a while, something I call the Scrubs season 2 disease... but it's OK. The Arrested Development girl (Lindsey in AR) is quite funny. Sort of the Janitor in Scrubs just more subtle.
  • Scrubs

    Even though season 9 wasn't near as good as the rest. I'd still watch it if it were on.

    I also really liked Dead Like Me. Shame it got canned so quick.
  • firefly...without a doubt, i have never really cared for a show getting cancelled..but when firefly got cancelled FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! fkin fox....
  • Invader Zim, such a funny show. A show with a sub-theme of why emotionless corporations are bad that was cancelled by an uncaring corporation.
  • Arrested Development
    Chapelle show
  • Lol nevernude...
  • wahooo, arrested development season 4 has started filming. 10 episodes next year on netflix.
  • The Black Donnellys had me hooked and dropped off so fast. Not even 1 full season. I was so mad.
  • Yeah just rented it after someone mentioned it on the thread. It's amazing. "I am to misbehave"


    I had a nergasm when they appear through the clouds of Mr. Universes planet. Then they entire reaver army comes. AWESOME.
  • I repeatedly get bummed that Reaper got cancelled, especially as it ended on such a huge goddamn cliffhanger.
  • Oh, I just remembered another one: Reuinion.

    It was stacked with young mid-20s celebs who were just about break through in their careers, had a great premise, but then dropped off with a few episodes left in the first season. Hate when that happens!

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