(PC) Grow | Official News Thread
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    Grow is an online multiplayer game for the PC. Play as cute and quirky critters and fight to become the dominant side!
    Don't stop eating! Munching on fruit, meat or candy helps the critters grow into more wild and powerful species. You are what you eat, so try different foods to become different classes with unique abilities and skills. Use the distinctive characters to fight back the enemy and assist your team.
    Steal eggs! Each team has a set of eggs which must be protected. Players can steal the enemy team's eggs and carry them back to their base. Every time a player dies they must also hatch out of one of the eggs, decreasing their team's points. Work hard to defend your nest and fight, dodge or sneak your way into the enemy's!
    Grow is playable over the internet with up to 32 players.
    Grow presents a refreshing and exciting take on online multiplayer games, extending themes, mechanics and appeal to encompass a wide demographic of players. The entertaining levels, colourful characters and wide array of abilities allow for casual yet addictive online battles.
    Grow is all about fun, with each round feeling like a bright and lively party. The intuitive controls, graphics and game goals allow players to jump on and off with ease, creating a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere.
    Grow began as a final year student project while studying game design at RMIT in 2011, and has since developed into a full game, designed and built by four young and bright-eyed game developers that comprise Team Grow. The ease-of-access and all around fun of Grow's fast-paced battles have already been proven, attracting a wide and varied audience and landing the game the award Best of the Playstation Independent Game Showcase, at the 2012 Independent Game Festival in Melbourne.

    I recently just found this game while browsing through a website all about indie games; and figured some of you may be interested in this title, specifically Swoopes. So, for me it seems like a really neat concept; and I may have to check it out when it releases. Something about this game just seems to draw me in and I don't know what it is.

    Grow Trailer

    Thoughts, opinions? I'm pretty interested. It's currently in development, and as of right now I have no idea of a release date.