Windows 7 keeps "identifying" my wireless network over and over again
  • My Google-fu has failed me, and this is starting to annoy me, so I turn to you guys.

    A few days ago, I noticed that Firefox was starting to hang on the "looking up" step, but it continued to load pages for the most part. Occasionally I would have to refresh a page to get it to load, but that was pretty rare.

    Today, I found out that my wireless adapter keeps "identifying" my network over and over again. It connects every time, but when it does its identifying thing, I think that's when the pages take a while to load. It's irritating, and I don't know what to do. Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated. I'm sorry I didn't provide much info, but I don't know what you need.

    EDIT: It's not my signal strength.
  • A good place to start would just be to identify your computer's network card and check to see if there are any new drivers available for it. If you don't know what card you're using, either search "view network connections" in the start menu, or go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections in Windows Explorer. The likelihood of it is that there's either an issue with your network card, or your router. If you have a second device which you can keep connected to the internet, the easiest way to tell if it's your network card or router would be to have that device running and check its connection status when you run into an issue with your computer. If you're on the latest drivers, you could also consider re-installing them and seeing if that resolves your issue.

    If there is some sort of physical issue with your network card, at least they're fairly cheap to replace. USB WiFi adapters are like $10, and internal cards are generally $20-$30.
  • This USB wifi adapter I'm using is less than a month old, cost me $50, and it better not be crapping out on me already. It's a Netgear N600 I got at Radioshack, and it's already updated to the latest firmware.
  • I have that same adapter and have had intermittent connection probs as well. I blamed it on Comcast but I'll check this out. The N600 has some really nice specs though huh?? lol
  • Double check to ensure it is the adapter and not the router - if you have another machine to plug it into, do that.

    Does this happen every 60 seconds? Try swapping some CAT5 cables and see if perhaps the router has an intermittent issue due to cabling - loose cabling can cause brief outages like this as well. Also, experiment on the PC that is hardwired to the router - see if it has any outages.
  • Well, whatever happened, it stopped. Thanks for trying, guys.

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