Origins of Yow
  • Just a quick post, but where did Yow come from.
  • i'm not 100% sure but i did hear that someone took the way Yuzo used to sign off his posts (YW) and thought that was the word Yow so said it in a voice message to the show but that could be total bullshit I just made up.
  • My memory is hazy but sometime in 2007 a guy ended his voicemail with "yow" and Tobin commented on how enthusiastic he was when saying it. In the following weeks, a few other callers began to use it and it eventually became a standard way to end a voicemails, endorsed by Tobin and Yuzo - "Don't forget the yow". I've replied to this question before and found the original yow. Unfortunately, it's hard to find the post due to the old and new forums being somewhat split and 'yow' being to short a search term.

    Found it on the Wiki:

    Episode 29, 54:31
    Info: A voicemail in episode 29 said "eooww" which evolved into yow. Must be said at the end of a voicemail or Tobin and Yuzo will be upset. Supposedly started by "pico210", this phrase has since become legendary in the NoobToob community.

    My explanation was wrong though. Tobin didn't comment on it.
  • Oh My God Bloody hate you Raskit. I just sat through and watched the whole of that episode again. Now I wants me some more. Seriously Tobin, Yuzo get your arses back on here and at least do one more I don't care about the distance or your jobs I miss the show
  • Btw, Yuzo ending his posts in YW was unrelated to Yow. Those are just his initials.
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    I made that as a wallpaper a long fucking time ago :) still one of my favourite designs for the stuff I've done.

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