Radical Entertainment goes bye bye
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    good job activision..good job...

    have 3 devlopers working on call of duty and close down a studio that makes original games...you're so smart activision.

    i would take prototype over Call of Duty any day of the week...

    i don't understand why they didn't just lay off staff from the studio..i mean come on they bought neversoft who in my opinion havn't made a decent game since tony hawk pro skater 3 and slap them on call of duty because they know that it will sell millions of copies...i fkin hate companies like activision.

    yeah i know neversoft made guitar hero..but guitar hero was the same game everytime it was released..maybe thats why activision aquired neversoft..so they can make the same call of duty game every year and make them lots of money, Radical could of done a better call of duty game than neversoft
  • Can't criticize them for not being smart (at least financially) for this. Call of Duty makes hundreds of millions of dollars anually, Protoype didn't even come close.

    This is the business side of things, "artistic integrity" isn't as important as money in any creative medium, but when it's so expensive and risky to make games, it just makes it worse. We're partly to blame.
  • i understand companies are in it to make money..but i would hardley call keeping radical open a risk..with call of duty under them aswell as blizzard..they make a fuck ton of money..they could layed some staff off, told them prototype was off the cards and kept them open but no..it isn't as popular as call of duty so we will just close you down outright.

    i think in the next few years activision will have up to 5 different devs working on 5 different cod titles, going down that road will kill the consol market as the majority of games will be cod games or cod clones *shudders* companies like activision annoy me...people voted EA as the worst company..Activision didn't even get a mention when they seem so much worse to me.

    we are ging to get 3 cod games a year...3..im pretty sure they can afford to keep radical open
  • Whether or not Radical was a risk or not, or affordable or not, is probably irrelevant. If the Prototype games were losing money (which we are lead to believe by their poor sales), then the company is going to have a tough time justifying their existence to shareholders and Vivendi, particularly since Vivendi is looking to sell off shares. They're looking at the bottom line here, not people's jobs or anything.

    I understand the frustration with COD game clones. E3 this year was just super violent grim shooters after super violent grim shooters with an occasional appearance from a super violent action-adventure game. But between costs, consumer demand, and publisher demand, this is what we're stuck with for the time being.
  • its hard to take in really, don't get me wrong..i don't go all hipster when it comes to shooters..i love shooters..picked up spec ops today and completed it and loved every minute of it but the market is becoming sooo over crowded with shooters these days. i would love..just absoloutley love to see more games like portal..games that require some smarts instead of here take this gun and shoot everything that moves.

    i loved prototype 1 and 2 but in reality all they are is hack and slash open world violence..they never brought anything new to the table, Spec ops has brought somthing new when it comes to narrative in a military shooter and i honestly wouldn't mind seeing more military shooters with an engaging story like spec ops..but with how crowded the market is i think those types will drown in a sea of cod clones.

    it seems to me that companies these days do not want to go past what is already paying off, they used to take risk wich is how games got to where they are now..through risk and innovation..but now its like oh cod sure we will stick to that..EA release pretty much the same sports games every year because they know it sells. all we get is sequel after sequel after sequel with no real innovation..im hoping the last of us will change that but i fear i will be dissapointed, not because it will be a bad game..but because it will turn into sequal after sequal with how good it will be
  • From what I read some of the radical staff are being kept on to work on "other projects" so basically they will be yet another team making call of duty map packs.
  • Crymzen said:

    good job activision..good job...

    have 3 devlopers working on call of duty and close down a studio that makes original games...you're so smart activision.

    i would take prototype over Call of Duty any day of the week...

    I'm pretty sure Activision would rather have $$$$$ than $. And I'm pretty sure it won't be 3 a year. They're probably gonna do the one yr Treyarch next yr IW, then a handheld one in between, or just for map packs. But ya it's pretty ridiculous.
  • there was those rumours of a third person call of duty at one point I assume that would be a mid year joint. In between each major game. Thats the least I expect of activisions game raping talents.

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