Rewards for Xbox Live Achievements
  • Starting this fall we'll be able to get rewards for achievements.

    Xbox Live Reward twitter feed:
    “We’ve hit 50,000 followers, which means it’s time for an announcement! Coming Fall: a new way to earn Rewards based on your Achievements.”
  • as its the xbox live rewards wouldn't suprise me if they give you somthing small like 20 MSpoints per full achievement set (only sets earned after the rewards go live count)
  • Something is better than nothing. I dont get what all the complaining around tr net is about.
  • I hope this is retro-active, for Swoopes and Neomasters sake.
  • the reason i don't like it is the reason im not a big fan of achievements in general, yes i like to get achievements but i don't really strive for them, if i get an achievement then i get an achievement, i play games to play games..i don't get play games to earn achievements..i don't explore a game world to earn the conected achievements. alot of gamers these days do not play games to enjoy the game they play them to add to thier gamerscore..even if the game is horrible.

    awarding points or whatever the hell they will award for getting achievements is just going to make more gamers jump on that band wagon, it will get to the point where it is rare to find someone who plays games just for the sake of playing games..i got 100% in GTA:SA why? because the game was fucking amazing, achievements didn't even exsist back then, my friend 100% GTA4..why? for the sake of achievements.
  • Why does it matter to you how people want to play their game? Maybe it is fun for the people to try and get all the achievements, just not to you.
  • For me, achievements can breathe new life into a game. I'm all for them, and I'm all for this.
  • Kinda worried this will effect multiplayer games with chevos :P
  • Chip said:
    I hope this is retro-active, for Swoopes and Neomasters sake.

    Swoopes could make a serious skylanders 2 collection if thats the case.
  • While I HOPE it's retroactive, I kinda doubt it. Though I guess it will depend on what you actually get rewards for. Also I won't complain about more stuff for "free" as it were.
  • I love this. I really do hope that the rewards are retroactive, though. I have a pretty bad case of achievement-whorism (not as severe as some others out there) so I've grabbed a lot of achievements in my day. This will also be an extra nudge for me to snag some more points.

    I only go for achievements after I've played a game through. I don't let achievements change how I play the game, but after I've finished the game I feel that achievements help give the game some extra staying power. It gives me reason to try the game in new ways - on a new difficulty, with a certain weapon, etc. etc. and I think that's a plus.

    As for what the rewards will be, I'm sure that it will be avatar t-shirts and stuff like that. I don't think they'll be giving out anything too substantial for achievements. It might be something like getting a t-shirt that says "Skyrim 1000/1000" for getting all the achievements in the game or something like that.
  • I'm excited for this, but the rates will be super low and am fairly confident it will not be retroactive. None of the rewards currently done in the program are retroactive, so it would actually be out of place to give points out for previously accumulated score. There also still isn't actually any info on this, right? I wouldn't be surprised if it was something like, "get 1000 gamerscore in the month of July and get 20MS points". The other reason I don't seem them doing it retroactively is because they'd be losing so much money. If they did 20 points for every 1000GS, I'd be getting 1000MS points instantaneously and I'm not even an achievement hunter.

    The other way I could see them rolling points out would be, "get 500 or more gamerscore in any new release from this month", and that would net you somewhere between 20-40 points, and it only counts it once a month. Rewards will almost certainly be in points, as everything else on the rewards service is.

    I'm not complaining, as I think them giving out any points for free is pretty cool, but I really don't think it's going to be anywhere as exciting as it sounds. If I start getting 40 free points a month instead of 20 however, that'd be nice.
  • Kinda reminds me of the Nintendo Club. Instead of having to enter code into a website, they can just give you credit for buying/playing a game by checking your achievements. But yeah I see this being so small in value. With Nintendo Club I think its just 20 coins you get for buying a participating game.

    I think this gets more dicey if they are giving you rewards based on a specific achievement. But if this just turns out to be a way to encourage more people to either buy games or play games on the 360 versus other consoles than I don't see a problem.
  • I hope Sony will copy this, oops be inspired by this :p
  • It's live. You have to be a Xbox reward member to claim. Not much right now hope they add more tiers.
    3000-9999: get something on your birthday month
    10000-24999: get something on your birthday month and 1% back on marketplace purchases every month
    25000+:tier two but 2% back instead
  • Huh....I'm the top tier. Passed it by several thousands points actually. Wonder how long before they raise the level cap.

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