A Mothers Inferno
  • anyone knows someting about this?



    A Mother's Inferno, a psychedelic singleplayer game about a train trip gone to hell in which all you have at your disposal is your will, your hands and a shard of glass.
    It was developed from scratch in one month from November to December 2011 by a group of students from the Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment.
    The game is completely free. Very good price! While it is playable in your browser we do recommend that you download it for performance.
  • I...I... what? I would like to try this. WEIRD.
  • I'm currently downloading this. Gonna record a Let's Play. Looks..frightening.
  • Downloading it right now. Looks interesting. Can't beat free either!
  • That Screenshot looks like a Max Payne 3 cutscene.

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