E3 2012: Other Presentations & General Discusion
  • The quantum dreams game looks amazing! hope it's playable >.<
  • Wow i just watched the South Park RPG and that looks awesome. And if Watch Dogs doesn't go all-out shooter and focuses on gadgets and stealth it's gonna be one of my favorites all gen. Woodland Creature boss in SP RPG please!
  • Konami: D

    + Revengeance looks pretty cool actually
    - Almost everything else
    - Prerecorded

    Microsoft: F
    + Matt and Trey ripping on Microsoft
    - An ancient evil has awakened...
    - More media shit with sports and dancing, also le Reddit xDDDD
    - An ancient evil has awakened...
    - Glass table thing, everyone has tablets this gen
    - An ancient evil has awakend...
    - .. and it's Usher
    - Everything is a brown and grey shooter
    - Bald testosterone space marines is the entire catalogue
    - Obviously didn't really try, waiting for next gen

    EA: C+
    + TORtanic news and expansion
    + New Need for Speed: Burnout Paradise
    + Crysis 3 will probably be meh but I can hope for the best
    - Bunch of social shit
    - Lots of shootan again
    - Sim City sounds worse whenever someone opens their mouth and talks about it

    Ubisoft: B
    + Flo Rida
    + Pimpin' mic
    + Farcry 3 trailer sucked but the game should be fun
    + Assassin's Creed 3 had too much CGI shit and the Sony video with boat fighting sucked but it should still be solid
    + Splinter Cell, even if it's more shooting and less stealthing, I have to give a + because I am already reaching for positives
    + Watch Dogs, new IP that actually looks really good, trailer started with dude walking at a leisurely pace which was probably the most important part of the video
    + Actually showed games
    - Rayman looks super easy now
    - Lots of dancing and singing crap
    - Backstage dude
    - Another zombie game with a terrible, slo-mo CGI trailer

    Sony: B-
    + lol montages
    + New Quantic game, nice graphics, should be rather fun
    + Super Smash Bros., 2nd installment this gen but if it's fun you know we'll all play it
    + God of War is getting a bit tired but they do know how to make things big
    + Last of Us seems like a more gritty, survivial-y, plodding Uncharted with a nice mood, looks really good
    + Actually showed games
    - lol montages
    - Vita is dead
    - Middle part sucked, read a book dudes
    - Also Harry Potter had like 6 spells total
    - That whole book section sucked, really

    Nintendo: D
    + Pikmin 3
    + Miyamoto has best entrance of the press conferences
    + Bananas
    + The WiiU controller actually could be rather cool if used well
    - Lots of crappy minigame stuff
    - Hardly any first party announcements
    - Very little WiiU information
    - Bunch of games that are already out

    Overall E3 Grade: D+

    Ubisoft was ok, Sony was ok, EA was passable, everything else sucked.

    PC Gaming Master Race Grade: A+

    Games with best graphics (Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs) were run off a PC it would seem. Shittiness of E3 perfectly displays PC mastery. DotA 2 and TF2 have hats, consoles don't.
  • Watch Dogs is interesting, it could be awesome if done right. No mention of overstrike from ea.. too bad.
  • Watch Dogs is coming to PS3, 360, and PC.

    Ubisoft stole the show at E3 Day Zero with a surprise unveiling of Watch Dogs, an open-world experience that truly looked like a next-generation title. Based on the stunning lighting effects and lifelike animations, most of the journalists and fans we'd seen talking about the game assumed it was, indeed, a PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 game. Yet the person playing the on-stage demo at Ubisoft's press briefing appeared to be using an Xbox 360 controller, leading people to guess that the game was running on a PC.

    In an interview with Geoff Keighley on Spike TV's E3 live stream earlier today, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that the press conference demo of Watch Dogs was being played on a high-end PC, and announced the game would be releasing on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. When Keighley asked if it would also be launching on next-generation consoles, Guillemot remained cagey, only saying, "We'll see."

    We can't wait to see more of Watch Dogs, which currently has no release window.

    It looks like some people thought it might have been for the next generation! I'm not surprised to be honest, the game looked damn good. Source.

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