E3 2012: Other Presentations & General Discusion
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    Konami Press Conference
    Thursday, May 31st @ 5 p.m. PDT

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    EA Press Conference
    Monday, June 4th @ 1 p.m. PDT

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    Ubisoft Press Conference
    Monday, June 4th @ 3 p.m. PDT

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    Welcome to the General E3 Discussion. Here is where you can talk about all things leading up to and occurring at E3 this year that happened outside of the "Big 3" press conferences. Have fun!
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    What You Need To Know...[/CENTER]

    [hide=Pre-E3 Show]Konami’s pre-E3 show is live, and includes new footage and developer commentary on titles such as Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and a teaser trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate for 3DS. Watch the show in its entirety below.


    [hide=Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2]


    [hide=Zone of the Enders HD new opening, release schedule]

    Konami has released the opening animation for the Zone of the Enders HD Collection. The package features both Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner fully remastered in high-definition, remastered animated scenes, remixed music and effects in surround sound, trophies and achievements, and as showcased in the video, a new animated opening by Sunrise.

    It’s due this holiday for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Watch the video below [video=youtube;aPVOxvABhdA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aPVOxvABhdA#![/video][/hide]

    [hide=Metal Gear Rising: Revengance] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Platinum Games’ lightning bolt action Metal Gear, will launch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, Konami has confirmed. A gameplay demo will be included with the release of the Zone of the Enders HD Collection this holiday, and will be available on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade at a later date.

    A new gameplay trailer for the title debuted on GameTrailers TV’s pre-E3 special tonight. Watch it below.


    What You Need To Know...

    [hide=Need For Speed: Most Wanted debut]Electronic Arts and Criterion Games have confirmed they’ll debut Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Monday during the publisher’s E3 media briefing

    [hide=Deadspace 3 trailer, demo, release date]Electronic Arts has officially announced Dead Space 3, “an exhilarating and hair-rasing new adventure” due for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in February 2013.

    The game sees Issac Clarke crash-land on the blizzard planet of Tau Volantis, a planet which could be the key to ending the Necromorph infestation. To find answers, Issac “must battle subzero, icy conditions and deadly, highly-evolved enemies including all-new Necromorphs, gigantic boss creatures and even misguided zealot humans.” But this time, he can do all of that with a partner, as the game will offer a fully integrated drop-in/drop-out co-op feature. When you play with co-op, you’ll experience additional story details only available when the second character, Earthgov Sergeant John Carver, is around.

    Steve Papoutsis, Vice President and General Manager of Visceral Games and Executive Producer on Dead Space 3, said “Dead Space 3 will deliver action and horror on a scale that far exceeds anything we’ve done before. The game will range from the depths of space and tight, indoor corridors to a harsh new planet with explorable environments that offer new challenges. For fans that love playing alone in the dark, they still can have the classic Dead Space experience that makes the franchise so unique. Likewise, players that want to share that immersive and intense experience with a friend now have that option thanks to the addition of co-op. Either way, the action is intense, the adventure is breathtaking, and the thrills are unforgettable.”[/hide]

    [hide=Need for Speed: Most Wanted due October, trailer]Electronic Arts and Criterion Games will launch Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation Vita, PC, iOS, and Android on October 30, the publisher has announced. The game will offer players “the freedom to drive anywhere, discover hidden gameplay, takedown rivals, challenge friends or just hang out and toy with the cops.” The goal is to become number one on the Most Wanted list.

    Alongside a standard edition of the game, a special edition including double speed points, custom liveries, pre-customized rollouts and two vehicles: the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale and Porsche 911 Carrera S will also be released.

    “Criterion is shaking up the franchise with Need for Speed: Most Wanted,” said Matt Webster, Executive Producer at Criterion Games. “This is Most Wanted for a new generation of players. We’ve brought everything we know about racing, chasing and exploration and smashed them together in a highly connected open world automotive experience. Whether driving solo or racing with friends in our amazing new multiplayer experience, Autolog fires up competition out of everything as players compete to be most wanted amongst their friends.”
    The only rule in Need for Speed: Most Wanted is to race without rules. There’s a start and a finish to every race — but how the player races, where and when they choose to compete, and the skills they choose to compete with — are all up to the player. It isn’t enough to be the Most Wanted amongst rivals and cops. Now players will fight for ultimate bragging rights amongst their friends thanks to Autolog. As the original inventors of the ground-breaking, friend-connecting Autolog technology, Criterion establishes once again a new standard in social competition by recommending gameplay challenges across a players’ social network within both single player and multiplayer game play. In Need for Speed Most Wanted, everything players do will earn Speed Points that will take them up the Most Wanted list — from competing for best race times and battling cops in pursuits for the highest scores, to catching the most air off a huge ramp and more. Autolog 2 keeps intense competition at the heart of the experience — if there’s something to do, there’s someone to beat. And for the first time, Autolog recommendations extend to enhance the multiplayer experience within Need for Speed Most Wanted. With no lobbies or wait times, gamers will seamlessly enter an online world and immediately receive a rapid-fire delivery of Speed and Skill Tests. Autolog 2 will make recommendations to players to help finesse their racing prowess, further fuelling endless competition and hours of entertainment.


    What You Need To Know...[/center]

    [hide=Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PSVita] Assassin’s Creed III is coming to PlayStation Vita – but not in the same form as its console and PC cousins. The latest issue of Game Informer has the scoop on Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, a Ubisoft Sofia-developed spin-off starring a female, half-French, half-African American assassin named Aveline, who is unrelated to Desmond (someone else is in the Animus).

    The game is set in New Orleans during the French and Indian War (1765-1780) and promises to remain true to the Assassin’s Creed series style of gameplay. It will be released “as a propaganda tool by Abstergo, who want players to experience a gray area of the Assassin / Templar conflict as an assassin rather than a templar.”

    Aveline has a mentor named Agate, who is the assassin leader in New Orleans. The game is set in “large gameplay areas” where “you can run, climb, fight, and explore the entirety of New Orleans without loading a new area.” Players will also travel the Gulf into Mexico. During one point (warning: this may be a spoiler) Aveline will meet Connor, the hero of Assassin’s Creed III.

    The game’s multiplayer is said to be “tailored to the Vita experience.”

    Vita-specific controls include use of the front and rear touch panels to pick pocket others. New weapons include a sugarcane machete, pistols, muskets, and grenades.

    The game will launch day and date with Assassin’s Creed III on consoles and PC, which is October 30, this year.[/hide]

    [hide=Assassins Creed III trailer, gameplay, info revealed] Ubisoft debuted the first lengthy gameplay demo of Assassin’s Creed III during their E3 press conference tonight. It sees Ezio traverse the Frontier and take out his Redcoat target. Additionally, Ubisoft has shared a CG trailer and new screenshots.
    [hide=Ubisoft announces new IP, Watch Dogs]Ubisoft has lifted the lid on a new project in development at Ubisoft Montreal, the team behind Assassin’s Creed, for the past two years. Described as a “ground-breaking new intellectual property,” Watch Dogs is an open-world action-adventure game in development for unannounced platforms.

    Watch Dogs follows the story of Aiden Pearce, “a new class of antihero” who is able to hack into any connected system, whether it’s “triggering a 30-car pileup by manipulating traffic-lights to trap an enemy during a downtown shootout or tapping into the city’s omnipresent security cameras to access anyone’s personal information.” Pearce is able to control “almost every element of the world” around him.

    “Watch Dogs goes beyond the limits of today’s open-world games by giving players the ability to control an entire city,” said Jonathan Morin, creative director, Ubisoft. “In Watch Dogs, anything connected to the city’s Central Operating System becomes a weapon. By pushing the boundaries, we can provide players with action and access to information on a scale that’s never been seen in a video game before.”

    A release date was not announced. Watch the introduction trailer and gameplay walkthrough below. You don’t want to miss it. It’s mighty impressive. (Stole the show for me!).
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    The "Other" Guys
    What You Need To Know...[/CENTER]

    [hide=Lucas Arts announced Star Wars 1313]LucasArts has confirmed on tonight’s GameTrailers TV pre-E3 special that it’s developing Star Wars 1313, a ‘dark and mature’ third-person cinematic adventure game, for unconfirmed platforms.

    The game is set on Level 1313, a criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet Coruscant. Players follow a deadly bounty hunter, equipped with an arsenal of exotic weaponry, human skills, and gadgets, who must hunt down his targets and discover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. The game will emphasize “epic set pieces and fast-paced combat.”

    “We’re excited to share one of the projects LucasArts has been hard at work developing,” said Paul Meegan, President, LucasArts. “Star Wars 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we’ve always known existed, but never had a chance to visit. We are committed to bringing the best gameplay experience and visual fidelity to life and I truly believe the work we are showcasing at E3 will speak for itself.”[/hide]

    [hide=Dishonored E3 Trailer]Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios deployed the first gameplay trailer of Dishonored on GameTrailers TV’s pre-E3 special tonight. Watch it below. [video=youtube;WgTM8uqciGI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WgTM8uqciGI#![/video][/hide]

    [hide=Tomb Raider trailer]
    Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot will launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 5, 2013, the developer has announced. The first gameplay trailer debuted on GameTrailers TV tonight. Watch Lara fight for her life below.


    [hide=Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch release date announced]Namco Bandai will launch Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Level-5′s Studio Ghibli RPG collaboration, in North America on January 22 and in Europe on January 25, 2013.

    The game follows the story of a young boy named Oliver, who travels to a parellel world and becomes a magician in attempts to bring back his passed mother. In the process, he’ll make new friends, adopt monsters, and command them in battle.

    Watch the E3 trailer below. [video=youtube;4MznAY8Es5c]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4MznAY8Es5c[/video][/hide]

    [hide=Robert Bowling announces Human Element]image
    Former Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has revealed his startup studio Robotoki’s first project: a zombie-survival project called Human Element.

    “Their greatest strength is the fear that [zombies] instill in us, the survivors, that unreasonable fear. Unreasonable fear that leads us to do unreasonable things to survive,” said Bowling in a Game Informer interview.

    The game offers a character creation system, with a choice between three different character classes – Action, Intelligence, and Stealth – and three different identities – Survive Alone, Survive With a Partner, and Survive With a Young Child.

    “How you choose to start in the world will determine how you can engage and impacts the scenarios you will be presented with on a physical and morality level,” Bowling continued.

    Human Element will launch in 2015 for next-generation consoles, PC, mobile, and tablets. The July issue of Game Informer has a four-page feature with Bowling, which includes five pieces of artwork from the title.[/hide]

    [hide=Injustice: Gods Among Us announced by Neather Realm] Warner Bros. have released the debut trailer and screenshots for Injustice: Gods Among Us, announced yesterday as a DC fighting game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U developed by Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm.

    Watch the trailer below. [video=youtube;DDlCHhaiDLc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DDlCHhaiDLc[/video][/hide]

    [hide=Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance new trailer] Square Enix has released the special edition E3 trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Unlike previous, 10-minute clips, this one is just four minutes-long. You’ll see the series’ regular characters, as well as new additions, including Pinocchio, Quasimodo, Mickey, Donald and Goofy as the Musketeers. You’ll also see mini-games, the Dreameaters, the new wall-jump move, and Riku riding a light cycle.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D is due for 3DS in North America on July 31, in Europe on July 20, and in Australia on July 26. Watch the trailer below.

    [Hide=Hitman: Absolution E3 trailer] Square Enix have released a new set of Hitman: Absolution screenshots just four days before the start of E3.

    The images depict the “King of Chinatown” level, where Agent 47, estranged from the ICA, must carry out a hit for a man named Birdie in order to obtain information on a woman named Victoria, who he is trying to save/kill.
  • What you need to know

    Tomb Raider neither developed nor published by Konami

  • Dr Flibble said:
    What you need to know

    Tomb Raider neither developed nor published by Konami


    Shhhhhh!!! It's the morning, It's only 12:28!
  • I just saw the Castlevania LoS 2 trailer and that looks awesome! I haven't even finished the first one but I kinda want to now :p
  • Think you messed up the dates. July 31st and all.
  • I have never been interested in Tomb Raider games at all in the past, but this new one looks kinda cool. Will be keeping an eye on it.
  • These Kingdom Hearts 3DS trailers really grind my gears. I don't even know what is going on in those games anymore!
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Dishonored, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

    I know they said BioShock Infinate will not be shown at the show but I hope they show just a little bit more of it as some press conference.
  • ZOE HD? I'm there! I absolutely love Z.O.E. !
  • lol, EA's presentation was rather pathetic if you ask me. Highlight was sadly Need for Speed (a franchise that died long ago imo). Which looked nothing more than a mashup of Burnout and the get away from cops idea in GTA. If thats the best they've got, think I'll continue to stay away from EA. (Note, I think I may have missed the first game or two in the presentation)
  • vowel said:
    and the get away from cops idea in GTA.

    I..... what? Pretty sure Need for Speed was one of the first games to do that way back in 1998.
  • Chip said:
    I..... what? Pretty sure Need for Speed was one of the first games to do that way back in 1998.

    It's the style it looks like it's done (it's just a short showcase of it so hard to really tell).. But GTA was out in 1997 :P. GTA still wins
  • Pffft, the first NFS was 1994, and it had police pursuits.

    I'm kind of curious where NFS keeps going, it's really starting to feel like Burnout a bit in stylings, with Criterion (missed the trailer ;_; ). Glad to see some SWTOR news, although everyone who plays that game knows server populations dwarf anything else at this point.
  • Ubisoft showing painted boobies is okay for tv?
  • It's a hallucination! It didn't really happen ;)
  • Ligerzero said:
    Ubisoft showing painted boobies is okay for tv?

    yeah, painted over boobs are ok for tv. Are you just realizing this? lol
  • Very, very impressed by Ubisofts presentation. I'm surprised to hear myself say that, but I was really compelled watching Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs and Rayman Legends. Great showing.
  • The only game I liked was assassins creed, Watch Dog was kind of boring.
  • Watch Dogs looks so cool, maybe we're finally getting some actual cyberpunk games that are worth a damn.
  • Looking forward to Shootmania. I've always been a fast paced FPS fan and also always been big on esports and it's good to see them pushing a new game catered just for that. Ubisoft stole the show so far. Very well done by them.
  • Watch Dogs:

  • Good job Ubisoft! AC 3, Watch Dogs, Splinter cell, even the Wii u exclusive zombiu has me excited. Oh, and rayman looked like it could be cool on the WiiU. I thought Far Cry 3 looked confusing. Not sure what was going on.
  • Exclusive? THIS IS THE LAST STRAW UBI! First you give me the turd that was Warrior Within and ruin Prince of Persia, then you take the genius that was Origins from my PS3? Grrrr

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