Xbox 360 Slim overheating?
  • I'm poor and don't run the air conditioning very often during the summer, and I was playing a game just now, and about 30min. in my system started disconnecting from Live and I felt it and it was pretty hot... there is also poor air circulation thru the apartment so I'm sure that doesn't help either.

    So would a floor fan pointed at it help, or should I just not play more then 30min. at a time during the summer?

    or any other tips? Its a launch Slim model.
  • the game will run hot but as long as the xbox's vents are in an open area i dont think that is your problem. sounds more like an internet problem to me.
  • Its not just that, a few times before its just cut off on me for no apparent reason other then being really hot. But I thought that, that was from a build up of dust...?

    but If I shouldn't worry about it I won't. :) and I think I've fixed my internet issues, I'm no longer broadcasting my network ID.
  • Possibly the thing is dusty inside.... I would avoid opening it up to clean just yet: try these first....

    - point a fan at it to cool it, or set it on a laptop cooling fan thing
    - turn it off for a while and let it cool down
    - tip it on its side, so the thing lays horizontally, tray opening up (obviously)
    - prop it up at the side edges with some 1 inch x 1 inch x 10 inch pieces of wood or whatever to help get more air flow underneath
    - ensure it's not in a closed cabinet
    - ensure it's in an Air Conditioned room (if possible) or the coolest room in the house (basement?)
    - make sure your pets do not use it as a bed (my cat used to lie on mine all the time lol :D )

    If all else fails, check your warranty and find your receipt.

    These links may give you more info:
  • Oh cool thanks for the tips. :)

    It might be kinda dusty, but I do have a can of compressed air that I can use. And I do have it laying horizontally on top of a night stand so it isn't inclosed. I do like the idea of propping it up thought....??? I might toy around with some ways to do that.

    Again thanks :)

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