Games Only 39 - Max Payne 3, Dragon's Dogma, Diablo 3
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    DigitalNoob presents the Games Only Podcast - a podcast about games and only games. Come join your hosts Sunflower, hp1703, and Dr. Gumaer this week:

    --Sunflower finishes Max Payne 3, and offers his final thoughts on the game. Is it worth playing? Is it worth buying?

    --Dr. Gumaer gets some time in with the big Capcom release Dragon's Dogma! How does this RPG work? Is it fun?

    --hp1703 finally buckles and plays the Darkness II! Is it as good as Sunflower said?

    --All 3 members talk about their Diablo 3 experience and what works in it, and what doesn't.

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  • That Dragon's Dogma logo makes it look like something awful has happened to Max's eye.

    Somehow, I'm 3 GoPs behind at this point, how has this happened? Fortunately, a three-hour drive to Bristol awaits me tomorrow...