The Rambling Nomad: Lost & Found
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    [HIDE=The Rambling Nomad: Lost & Found][youtube]wM4m5Z6bD88[/youtube][/HIDE]

    I want to thank Monochromaticx for his idea on making my voice seem like it's in my head. I didn't get it into this episode cause I wanted to get it out earlier than I did but I'm looking at some effects for the audio in the coming entries. Also, Zanmatsuken for the fade to black at the end of the video. I'm not sure how I should implement his other idea about cutting out the slower parts of the episode. I was thinking maybe time lapsing the slower parts. I kind of want people to be along for the journey, if there are any ideas please comment.

    Other comments on how I could improve this series are most welcome.

    Thanks for watching.
  • I think a time lapse for the slow bits might be a good idea. If you have the software that can do it that's definitely an idea.

    If you don't have software with that capability, you could always do a fade out/fade in with a brief explanation in the middle. This explanation could take the form of a text screen, or a webcam of you talking about (in short summary form) what you did in the meantime. It also gives viewers a bit of a visual break for a second, adding more variety in the viewing.

    Much respect and good job for keeping this up B :D
  • Thanks for the input TC. I think that time lapsing is the way to go, but we'll see how the next recording goes before I make a final desicion. Thanks again for the support.