Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown News - Release Date and Pricing
  • Sega has officially announced the console release date to the long-awaited update to Virtua Fighter 5!

    As previously noted by Sega, the game will be a standalone PSN/XBLA downloadable title. It will be available on June 5 for PSN, and June 6 for XBLA. The price is set at $14.99/1200 MS points.

    On top of that, the game will feature DLC support in the form of more customization items for all of the characters:

    Character customization DLC packs will be available immediately upon launch for all 19 fighters, with each character customization pack costing $4.99/ £3.59/ AUD$6.25/ €4.49 for PSN and 400 Microsoft Points for XBLA, and will contain 600-950 customization items. Two additional customization packs, consisting of nine characters' worth of DLC items and the other with 10 characters' worth, will also be available at launch for $14.99/ £9.99/ AUD$18.25/ €12.99 each on PSN and 1,200 Microsoft Points each on XBLA.


  • I'll buy everything. Viva SEGA!
  • Passing. Really not interested. Virtua Fighter is dull! Dull I say!
  • Chip said:
    Passing. Really not interested. Virtua Fighter is dull! Dull I say!


    Been waiting so long for this. Youtube clips fizzled out over the year, so I was lucky to have a friend who's in the arcade scene in Japan record and share his game's with me.
  • Looks good. TBH when I heard about I actually put off buying Skullgirls since they're similar in price and I can only afford one :P

    But the question is: will there be tutorials? Whoops, never mind, there will be!

    Btw, sometimes I hear that VF has this quest mode which is kind of reminiscent of SC2's weapon master mode. Sort of like a quest mode, will this have it?

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