The one thing you would force the world to read/watch/listen.
  • If you were given the opportunity to force the world to read/watch/listen/whatever to a single piece of media, what would you choose and why? Any form of media you like.
  • That's an easy one for me..


    If everyone paid attention to the messages given in this song the world would be a much happier place.
  • Herman Hesse - the Steppenwolf an eye opener
  • Hell, if they would actually do it and acknowledge what they've read I'd say - RTFM
  • Read The angry clam and watch the holy mountain
  • [youtube]QcvjoWOwnn4[/youtube]
  • how can i forget this!
  • ok so usualy i wouldn't force anyone to read comics...but in this case i shall make a god damned exception, Deadpool kill the marvel universe..that shiz right there..the world i would force to read
  • I would definitely make people read Bell Hooks, basically anything she's written.
  • Honestly, I have no clue where to even begin answering this question. You're looking for something with universal appeal, accessibility, general readability/watchability/etc., with a worthwhile message and knowledge to impart. Meeting all this criteria for a population of 7 billion is impossible.

    Maybe The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russel. Or maybe Resources, Values and Development by Amartya Sen. Or maybe some song by Sigur Ros.

    Or maybe Harry Potter, because as poorly written as they are, they literally introduced hundreds of thousands of people to reading, something more powerful than a lot of people can ever hope to claim.
  • Well, if I had to choose one thing, I would force the world to sit down and watch Leon: The Professional. I think it is a very interesting movie, and though most people won't get all the little things, I think it will make them both happier and sadder at the same time. Very enjoyable.

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