The Portal 2 Community Maps Thread
  • since the portal 2 map maker has been released i thought it a good idea to create a thread dedicated to those who will use the creation tools.

    for those who don't know, Valve has recently released the Perpetual Testing Initiative, a tool that lets player effortlessly create thier own portal maps, with steam workshop support ofcourse.

    Here is somthing i whiped up on my lunch break today and Here is a more diffcult version of that concept, and this is another concept im working on. and this one i call Ventilation

    it reall yis so easy to use and requires you to have no knowledge what so ever..(apart from having the imagination to create good puzzles ofcourse)

    no download required..just start up portal 2 and you are good to go.


    if you have previousley downloaded "Portal 2-Authortools" then uninstall it and verify the games cache. if you don't then you will not be able to play test your map.

    Make sure steam community in-game is enabled or you will not be able to publish your map