‘It’s time Kingdom Hearts returns to console’'
  • The next Kingdom Hearts title will be a console game, if hints from series director Tetsuya Nomura are to go by.

    Speaking to the latest issue of Game Informer, Nomura provided his thoughts on PlayStation Vita as a platform, but said he feels it’s time for Kingdom Hearts to return to console.

    “We have been invited to make games on different new platforms, and every time we have created titles making sure that they are highly compatible with the platform,” Nomura said. “The PS Vita is definitely a powerful device that is very interesting, but because of it’s high power, there isn’t much of a difference with a console. So even if we were to make a game, we would have to be very careful about how to create it for that device.

    “I also feel that it’s about time that Kingdom Hearts should go back to being on a console.”

    Does that mean the next game is Kingdom Hearts III?

    “I’m not able to disclose any information on what’s coming next or any other future plans, but you may be able to find a hint if you play through Dream Drop Distance to the very end.”

    Whatever it may be, it shouldn’t be too long before we find out about it.

    Nomura also shared his thoughts on high-definition remakes. Square Enix is currently developing a high-definition update of Final Fantasy X for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

    “I do have an interest in HD versions,” said Nomura, “and I’m currently researching them. If it is possible, I would like to do something about the series being spread over so many different consoles, too. I am thinking a lot about the future.”

    During the same interview, Nomura also asked that fans please be patient on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

    Thanks, Kingdom Hearts Ultimania.

    PenispenispenisPenis. Tell me what you are doing already!!!!!!

    Source http://gematsu.com/2012/05/nomura-its-time-kingdom-hearts-returns-to-console
  • XxBarretxX said:

    PenispenispenisPenis. Tell me what you are doing already!!!!!!

    I beg your pardon?
  • It'll be out when Half-Life 3 is.
  • Littleg said:
    I beg your pardon?

    What I meant to say is that I wish Square would stop playing around with their fans with Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Thing is I'm not sure if they're teasing or they just don't know what they fuck they are doing with their own games.
  • well its about damn time....but somthing makes me think this will kick off on orbis and be a reboot of the franchise that will be given to a different team than what made the original

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