Minecraft Diary: The Rambling Nomad
  • I have been playing with this idea for a different type of Minecraft Let's Play for a while. I'm calling it Minecraft Diary: The Rambling Nomad.

    [HIDE=First Entry][youtube]aTIpgezz6Kk[/youtube][/HIDE]

    Thanks for watching. Please let me know how you liked it. All suggestions are welcome.

    [HIDE=Here is where the idea came from]Just to give you an idea what it's about. A while back during the Lost In Minecraft let's play we had a recreational server as apart of that. One day Eidelon and me wanted to explore the map some. So while on this adventure exploring we would gather stuff during the day make a little shelter just before it became dark. I would usually leave a sign summarizing what happened that day. This continued on until we found our way back to our bases. Basically there were a bunch of checkpoints all over the map and if someone came across these shelters there would be a little sign in it that would tell them what happened, like a diary. Then I took this idea of exploring and combined it with another idea that I had.

    While hosting a server we had our base and it was expanding becoming safer and safer. One day I came up with an idea where everyone should go a direction and randomly build what we called "shrines". These shrines could be anything, castle, tower, ruins, a village(before there were actually villages), whatever. Then we all would get together go exploring hoping to run into one of these "shrines".

    I was telling a friend about this let's play, it hasn't really been done with minecraft. Everyone creates a base gets safe, collects resources, and gets safer. I remember reading a few times that minecraft Let's play's get kinda boring once everything starts getting really safe. So I thought if I never create a base and just keep moving through out the world it would keep people interested. This friend of mine took the initiative to generate a world and create some "shrines" for me. The idea from here is that I'll record a couple entries and then give him back the world letting him know my location in the world and he will build some more. The chances that I run into some of these "shrines" might not be that great but it adds to the world.

    This is from one of my blog posts: http://noobtoob.com/community/entry.php?3915-School-and-Minecraft[/HIDE]

    Update 05/15/2012: Second entry has been recorded, I just need to edit it but I'm not going to be able to edit it until this weekend.

    Minecraft Diary The Rambling Nomad Entry 2: Lost & Found is now available to watch: http://noobtoob.com/community/showthread.php?23814-The-Rambling-Nomad-Lost-amp-Found&p=342399#post342399
  • I think it's a nice idea. I was thinking of maybe having your voice kinda altered in a way that it sounds like the character is talking in his head. For example, it can be have an echo effect....or something. I am not sure if I explained that very well lol.
  • Good idea mono. I'll play with some stuff see if I like how it sounds.
  • An interesting idea for sure.
    I think if you want to make it more of a diary then you should cut it up to the "exciting" times. Also, don't end with a goodbye but a fade to black as your word trail off would, imo, give that more personal, "these are my thoughts" feel.
  • I was actually talking to someone about trying to end it without having to say goodbye or whatever. I really like that idea , it wont be hard to do so I'll probably use it.