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  • Hey there.
    Many Of you have probably heard of Kickstarter, the crowd funding site. Well another game has been posted on it that needs the publics help to get rolling. A game called Republique a semi stealth/action genre game, which looks like it has loads of promise. I would explain more but the kickstarter page does a lot better than I can

    However it has only raised 164,402 out of 500,000 at the time of creating this message with 8 days to go. I was hoping there may be some people on here who would also be interested in this game and be prepared to fund it.
    It is currently planned to be released on Pc, Mac and IOS devices, funding levels being
    $10(£6) for a copy of the IOS version on release
    $15(£9) for a copy of the PC/MAC version
    $20(£12) for Both.
    (although he talks about it being solely designed for IOS in the main video they have decided to bring a different version to the pc/mac that utilises its control scheme, as stated in the PC/Mac video about 3? videos down)

    Here's the link. And thanks for taking a look, hopefully this thing will get the money it needs.
  • I was interested to see what Ryan Payton (founder of Camouflaj) was going to do after he left 343 Industries and I was surprised it was an iOS title but it also doesn't look like a most iOS games.

    I'm glad Camouflaj listed to feedback and released a PC and Mac version now too.
  • DAMN IT! I just heard about this, right after the kickstarter ended. They reached their, and that all that matters.
    They will also have the voice actor for Solid Snake (David Hayter) and Jennifer Hale! (fem shep).

    Here is the trailer for it:
  • monochromaticx said:
    (David Hayter)

    sweet!!! o wait

    For PC/Mac and Iphone/Ipad

  • Namco did this on the PS2 (the totally voice activated one) and it controled (and sold) like shit. I might think this would be a revolutionary effort... but it's made for ipad so... I have my doubts. We'll see, he pandered it well, sounds like he has the best intentions.

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