(360) halo reach invasion custom maps throwdown
  • Do you still play halo reach? do you like the game mode invasion? then this event is for you!!

    on sunday may 6th 2012 i will be hosting invasion custom games all day long from early morning until the wee hours of night (mountain time) the games will likely last all day so just join when you get the chance..

    we will be playing on the greatest maps chosen by me

    i have spent days scouring the bowels of the internet in search of the greatest custom invasion maps created by the halo reach forge community!

    prepare to test your wits as we play on maps that include: taking over ships hovering high above, defending bunkers, and shutting down enemy orbital defense cannons.

    no spawn camping, no killing teammates for weapons, and no assholes!
    buttheads will be booted permanently so dont worry about annoying people.

    if you want to play then either send me a friend request over xbl or post your gamertag below. my gamertag is "Drag00n777" with zeros instead of o's and no quotations.

    this is not a noobtoob exclusive event as i have advertised this on other gaming community forums. but noobtoobers are more then welcome to participate. i hope to get a good turnout. i would provide pizza and beer if i could lol.

    if you have any questions then just ask me them. also if you know of any good invasion maps then direct me to them and i will see if i can add them to the rotation for the event.

    halo 4 will not have invasion so i say invite your friends so we can send it out with a bang!

    i have advertised this event on several different forums so im hoping to get a good turnout of mature participants.

    i will see this through to the end no matter what. if no one joins then i will screw around on the maps by myself. (worst case scenario)

    on the other hand if an army of people join and they want to play for 3 days non stop then i will be obligated to stay awake for 3 days straight, and i am fully prepared to do so. (best case scenario)

    hope to see you guys there and good hunting!