Mono Plays: Analogue: A Hate Story
  • I bought this new indie Korean games off of Steam and decided to record my progress. and share it with you.

    Give some feedback please(long or short, even a "nice work!" or "meh" or whatever is enough) and enjoy!

    Part 2!

    Part 3 and 4

  • Good stuff my friend, good stuff.
  • I like your commentary. The game, well... Not do much. Looking forward to a different LP
  • Thanks for watching and for giving feedback.
    Yeah, I thought there was more gaming elements in this. Since it clearly doesn't I don't think its really enjoyable to watch and it is not worth making a complete LP for.
    I think I will do an LP of something else that is more interesting to watch.

    So here are the last parts 3 and 4:


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