SURPRISE! Black-Ops 2 Leaked
  • Let the next Call of Duty officially be known as Call of Duty: Black Ops II. A photo sent into IGN of two Target pre-order cards confirms the title and a November 13 release date across PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
    A formal announcement is not far off. Activision teased this past Sunday a reveal at the NBA Playoffs on May 1.

  • So no shockers here. It shall be interesting to see how this game fares, a lot of people seem to hate MW3 that were CoD fans, It shall be interesting if the same happens with Black Ops.
  • I know image macros are frowned upon here, but...

  • Not excited, don't care. More important things to play this year.
  • whatthefbomb said:
    I know image macros are frowned upon here, but...


    That made me Lawl.

  • I'd pick this up for 30 bucks down the line if NT members were still playing.
  • I'm excited for this. ;) and I'm not liking MW3 too terribly much.

    And Slixshot if you wait til Thanksgiving you could probably get this for $40. ;) I'll probably try and do that.

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