PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
  • Can't believe I just typed that.

    But yeah, PlayStation Smash Bros. is a thing. :)


    The basic controls are accessibly straightforward: X to jump, L1 to block, R1 to pick up an item (a shield, say, or a melee weapon), square, triangle and circle for different attacks (which vary depending on which direction is pushed and whether you're on the ground or in the air), and R2 for the "super important" special attack.

    Each character's Super meter fills with each successful attack, with three levels of charge available. With success measured by the end-of-round kills-to-deaths ratio, Supers are the secret to success, says Kendall: "It's how you win".


    I have to say I don't like the sound of having supers be the only way to win. I'd actually prefer it to be more like Smash Bros. in the way you can knock your opponent off the screen with standard attacks. We'll see how it turns out.

    There are 6 characters so far:



    Kratos, the God of War, plays exactly as you’d expect Kratos to play. His basic attacks involve him lashing out with the Blades of Chaos, executing moves in the same manner as he does in the God of War games. He also has access to Helios’s head, a bow, and the wings of Icarus.

    Fat Princess


    Yeah, Fat Princess is in the game. We didn’t get a chance to play as her for too long, but we did try out some of her mechanics, and found her surprisingly fun to play. Different directional attacks have her throwing different characters from Fat Princess into battle, tossing knights, mages, and archers around the battlefield. She can also ride a giant chicken, so you know, there’s that.

    Sly Cooper


    Sly is one of the faster characters we played as, with skills that benefit from getting behind a character and unleashing a barrage of attacks. Luckily, he has a trick up his sleeve – instead of blocking, he simply disappears, making it easy to escape enemy attacks and sneak up on foes.

    Sweet Tooth


    Twisted Metal’s signature scary clown was the heaviest hitter we played as, with dash moves that smacked enemies across the map. Beyond that, he had the ability to swing chainsaws, fire shotguns, drop mines, and even get into a giant mech suit as his ultimate Power Attack.



    Killzone’s Radec was the best fighting from afar, using a sniper rifle as his main weapon. It was absolutely brutal when we were able to pick off our opponents from across the map, and changed the dynamic of every fight. His first Power Attack, however, was hard to hit, and felt like the weakest of the bunch.

    Parappa the Rapper


    Parappa learned kung-fu from Master Onion – remember? He puts it to good use, chopping up foes in melee. He can also drop a boom box that spawns orbs that help buff his Power meter, which lets him ride a skateboard – which, surprisingly, might have been one of the strongest Power Attacks on display.

    Images and description courtesy of GamesRadar.

    Further descriptions of the characters, thanks to Destructoid.

    Parappa the Rapper: Parappa is small and fast; a short-range melee character. His moves come right out of Chop Chop Master Onion's kung-fu dojo, though you'll have to be right up on your opponents to connect with most of them. One of his most useful moves is also pretty funny: he brings out his Boxy Boy boom box (it arrives with the classic "Aw yeah!" hip-hop sample) to the play field, where it spews AP bubbles that can be picked up to charge super meters. Smart players were using the boom box to level up and use Parappa's skateboard super, which dashes through and knocks out anyone in sight. It's a total dick move, but it works, and wins matches.

    Radec: Killzone character Radec isn't as cute as our favorite dog rapper, but he makes up for it with badassness. He's quite the opposite of Parappa, working best as a long-distance attacker, with projectiles and lasers that easily land hits on the opposite side of the play field. His level one super gives the player a reticule that can be placed over any character to direct a large-scale fire attack.

    Sweet Tooth: Those wanting to play as a strong bully will want to choose Twisted Metal's scary clown hero. He's huge and all about space control, with attacks that can send you flying. Up close he hits really hard, so stay away if you can. I loved using him to shoulder check enemies to send flying across the screen. His level three special is flashy, bringing fire and parts flying out of the sky to his body to turn him into Mechatooth, armed with a machine gun that will easily mow all opponents down.

    Fat Princess: No one picked the big girl in the first rounds, but I found that she was one of my favorites after trying her out. I fell in love after seeing her match opening animation, which has her instantly plumping up after downing a piece of cake. Princess has swinging mid-range attacks that are fast and reliable, and they provide good defense, as a lot of jumping and blind swinging can take place. She's surprisingly agile and has lots of power.

    Sly Cooper: Sly is unique in that he has no defense at all. Instead, and true to his character, he can turn invisible by hitting the block button. This makes him quite a bit more sneaky, as he can get behind opponents to use his special moves in close range. His normal attacks glide him from platform to platform, and he can fly/attack diagonally, making him great at recovery.

    Kratos: Anyone that has enjoyed any of the God of War games will feel right at home with Kratos, as he plays exactly the same in All-Stars. He's the best all-arounder of the initial line-up, with a mix of both ranged and close quarters moves. His spin attacks take up huge space, and his spear-based pokes will push you back. He's a beast.


    The stages are looking cool as well. In the Radec screen shot you can see Keira and Sandover village from Jak & Daxter 1 , but that's not all. During a match, there are also golfers from the "Hot Shots Golf" series, playing golf in the background. The golf balls that they hit will actually land on the characters fighting, so some stages are indeed interactive with the gameplay.


    Speculation time!

    I'd like to see Ratchet & Clank as separate characters, rather than together. Both of them have more than enough options by themselves. Clank could even turn into giant clank for one of his supers.

    Jak & Daxter, as one unit. I think these two are a given. Or at least they should be!

    A few more characters from the Sly series. Bentley, Murray and to be honest I'd love to see Carmelita feature in the game.

    The dude from Shadow of the Colossus. If he's in it and I like his character, it'll probably drive me to finally buy the Ico/SotC collection. Ico and Yorda too.

    Nathan and Sully from Uncharted. I mean, come on. Cole from inFAMOUS, as well.

    Those are the characters that I see having a decent to high chance of being in. Of course I could be a million miles off the mark too. xD


    Characters that I'd like to see:

    Crash Bandicoot. Too much of an icon to miss out on. I just wish they'll be able to put him in.

    Spyro. Same reason as Crash.

    Kazuma Kiryu, from Yakuza. I want him to be in this game so bad. So bad.

    The main dude from Starhawk, just 'cos he looks cool as shit and he'd probably have some devastating supers.

    People from Valkyria Chronicles, because that game is a beloved one. Selvaria would probably be the best representative.

    The Persona 3 MC, Minato. If only. IF ONLY. Although he'd look awkward as hell in these physics. So maybe never mind. xD

    Characters that I think could appear:

    Nariko from Heavenly sword. I mean, you never know.

    Snake from MGS.

    ...And well, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Anyway, yeah! I'm pretty pumped for the potential of this game. I absolutely loved Brawl on the Wii, I just hope that this will be as good. Which is easier said than done.
  • Sounds awesome!
  • Man they're really grasping at straws here with their characters.
  • The name is terrible, but the game looks like fun.

    Although the characters seem really dull. This could be because I'm fairly new to Playstation so alot of them I'm not familiar with as I was with Super Smash Bros. Assuming this isn't a $60 release, I'll definitely pick it up.

    Also I really hope they have "hidden characters" that you need to beat the game with X amount of characters to unlock. It seems DLC these days has totally taken that aspect of gaming away.
  • Fat Princess has some of the same moves as Princess Peach, haha.

    I highly doubt this will be as good or charming as Smash Bros., but if it actually has legitimate online play, it'll probably be worth picking up. That was the one thing Brawl bombed on.
  • Sony has a ton of exclusives. I think this is as justified to make as super smash bros was.
  • Sunflower said:
    Man they're really grasping at straws here with their characters.

    And they don't really need to. They have Jak, Ratchet, MGS, Final Fantasy is associated with Sony, Sly, etc. , yet they announce Parappa the friggin Rapper to get you pumped.

    Still, being the Sony fanboy I am, this has got me super pumped. And I'm not a fan of fighters at all.
  • somaliangangsterpuff said:
    And they don't really need to. They have Jak, Ratchet, MGS, Final Fantasy is associated with Sony, Sly, etc. , yet they announce Parappa the friggin Rapper to get you pumped.

    Still, being the Sony fanboy I am, this has got me super pumped. And I'm not a fan of fighters at all.

    It's fine, it's not a fighter from what I can tell.
  • I'd rather have Parrapa than Nathan from Uncharted. I mean... what would (Nathan) Drake do?? stand there and give sarcasm?
  • knowname said:
    I'd rather have Parrapa than Nathan from Uncharted. I mean... what would (Nathan) Drake do?? stand there and give sarcasm?

    Shoot you? Punch you? Throw a propane tank at you and blindfire shoot it in midair like a BAMF?
  • somaliangangsterpuff said:

    ......... The sound Nightcrawler makes when he teleports?
  • Chip said:
    ......... The sound Nightcrawler makes when he teleports?

    Bad ass Muttafugga
  • PS may have accidentally leaked two new characters, one expected and one kinda suprising: Drake from Uncharted and Big Daddy from Bioshock:


  • Drake was a no doubter, but didn't think big daddy would be in it.
  • Nice! Big Daddy just confirms that not all characters have to be PlayStation exclusive! Also Big Daddy himself is a very cool addition.
  • Here's a couple of screens and some words about the new characters!




    Nathan Drake (Uncharted series)

    Bringing a gun to a slap fight is always a difficult proposition for a fighting game, so I was a bit skeptical of how Drake would fit in among melee-focused characters like Parappa the Rapper and Kratos. As it turns out, Drake is perfectly competent at close-quarters and mid-range combat. That shouldn't be a surprise if you've played Uncharted. I just didn't think Sony would pull it off.

    As Drake, you can pummel enemies up close with some fierce-looking hand-to-hand blows, fire guns in all directions, and quickly traverse areas by magically summoning a zip line to ride. Drake feels really agile and his wide arsenal of weapons gives him a lot of depth. You can fire a shotgun into the air, an Uzi downward, and a silenced pistol to your sides, and toss grenades for extra damage.

    The way Drake moves around is unique and gives him a steep learning curve (which I love!). Using a zip line feels awkward at first, but once you learn how to position it to your advantage, you can get the jump on your opponents in creative ways. My absolute favorite thing about Drake is his bizarre cover system. By pressing down and circle, you can call forth cover and hide behind it. You can take potshots from it, or jump to the other side and do some melee moves. There is something hilarious about seeing Drake fire a grenade launcher at Fat Princess.


    Level 1 - Propane Tank: Drake tosses a tank and shoots it for a small area-of-effect explosion. Timing and positioning is key on this, as it's very easy to miss your mark or fire too late.
    Level 2 - Ancient Pillar: Drake summons an ancient pillar that crumbles across the screen. It has a very small range, but deals a lot of damage.
    Level 3 - Weird Zombie Thing: Drake turns fighters into zombies, whom he then can one-hit-kill with a golden gun. Players can still move, but only at a zombie's pace.

    Big Daddy (BioShock series)

    It's in his name: BioShock's primary baddie is a big, lumbering mess of steel and measured rage. Cramming him into a fighting game, though intriguing, seemed like an unwise move on Sony's part, but the developers have done an admirable job of making him fit into All-Stars.

    Big Daddy is a bit smaller and far more agile than his FPS incarnations, but he still feels like the character we know and fear. He can dash across the screen, a move that keeps him shielded from enemy attacks, or use his drill for a powerful melee attack and a variety of plasmids for mid-range damage. Shocking an enemy, dashing into them, and then ramming them with your drill is a lot of fun. Though Irrational Games didn't touch All-Stars, Sony has wonderfully captured BioShock's signature character while making him a wee bit smaller.


    Level 1 - Syringe Attack: A Little Sister comes out and stabs an enemy with her giant syringe.
    Level 2 - Rage: Big Daddy lights up red and goes into berserk mode, dealing extra damage.
    Level 3 - Flood: The stage floods, bringing players to a standstill while Big Daddy moves and attacks fluidly.

    Sony isn't showing or announcing any stages based on BioShock or Uncharted, but the E3 demo did have a few items from the games, including a rocket launcher from Uncharted.

    Images and articles from Destructoid.

    Drake sounds like he's gonna be my favourite character so far!

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