NooBTooB Coffee Break Episode 15: PAX East Special
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    Welcome back to the NooBTooB Coffee Break, and sadly the podcast finale. Or is it? After this episode Eidelon, and myself will be forming a new podcast with friends MonochromaticX, and Slixshot. Will we keep the Coffee Break name, or change the podcast entirely? Stay tuned.

    This episode is all about PAX East, in which our beloved guest "Monochromaticx" tells us all about PAX East and what he saw, and played. We also cover a little bit about we've been playing, and Eidelon discusses some cool stuff.

    We're also still trying to get on iTunes, or will when the new format is pushed out. Anyone who can help out with how to do RSS feeds will be the love of our lives and awarded kisses.


    PAX EAST Coverage
    Mono talks about what he saw, played and experienced over at PAX East
    in Boston.
    What We've Been Playing
    The Splatters (XBLA)
    Tera BETA (PC)
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    Twitter - @Maniooo, @Eidelon @MonochromaticX @NTCoffeeBreak
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