Minecraft Build Event 3 - Theme Park
  • Hello minecraft fans, Its time again for another build, and this is one i am very excited about... We are going to build a theme park!

    I think theres a lot of potential to this one, I know I will be taking some inspiration from this classic game


    I haven't scouted out a location yet, that will be the very first thing i do, I am thinking a large plains biome is what we need for this...

    I have had some ideas already and this is a few of the things i think we can do with this;
    a huge roller coaster (of course),
    a haunted house,
    a log fume,
    hedge maze?,
    stall games

    This event will begin straight away, and i think we should aim to end on sunday the 6th (next week's sunday). Good luck, and good building.
  • Yes, yes, yes!
  • alright, i have found the location, and i am very happy with it

    ok, so here is how you get there...
    go straight north from the village, its a little way off this map but its still quite close to the village.

    or without a map you want to walk straight from this village exit

    just keep going, you cross a swamp, a desert, another swamp and then you are there!

    I'm going to start setting up a hub to build out from, see you there.
  • Hey, are mobs still on?
  • Hail said:
    Hey, are mobs still on?

    yeah, mobs are on, but creepers don't damage blocks.

    So, we have been happily building away for a while now, focused entirely on the entrance and ticket booths, this is what we have got so far...

    I'm doing something different this time i was thinking of using my mumble server a bit more, and i was thinking it would be great if you wanted to talk with the people on the server... we have been using it tonight and its worked great, so feel fre to join in the chat.

    here is the IP
    port 20212

    I am trying to make videos of this project, i am planning to do one every few days made out of clips, so i try to record everything... hopefully that works out fine :)

    If you want to join in with the event, and you haven't already been white listed for the server, just shoot me a pm and i will add you. good luck and happy building
  • how about
  • Newest Edition to the theme park, by Darkassassin236 and myselft.

  • Made a video showcasing some of the build as of right now.

  • You didn't look at the dunk tank. *sadface*
  • NewAgeRed said:
    You didn't look at the dunk tank. *sadface*

    Oh noes! I totally forgot :(
  • *gasps*

    I didn't even know about this until I looked today. :(

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