Russian Zombie Guns!
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    Summary for the lazy: Russia has made a gun that basically microwaves whoever it is pointed at. Although the technology itself is not new, Russia claims their raygun also allows mind control, and the direct input of suggestions and commands! The tech is allegedly 10 years away from service.

    I can see it now. The Commies unleash their raygun on the US forces scattered around the world, who in turn return home and massacre their own people on autopilot. America becomes Zombieland. Russia and China hold hands and Commy-Zombiefy the entire world. World Peace. And zombies. :)

    Seriously though, what do people think of this kind of tech?


    PEW PEW PEW!!!!
  • Fallout 3 anyone?

  • 10 years ppl! BIDE YOUR TIME!!
  • I'm gonna call bullshit on this. First off I really doubt the technology to do that exists, even in the next ten years, and even if it did, surely that would just put a lot of unwanted attention on Russia in-case they did use it for nefarious means..... because honestly.... what positive means can you use it for?
  • I remember being a kid and watching Star Trek and seeing them get loads of information on there communicators that also functioned as handheld telephones and thought, "Man, wouldn't it be awesome if that was true one day." Fast forward 20 years and I told my friend that over my iPhone and we laughed. Sounds nothing like that right? Cellular phones were invented for troops to quickly share information and for no other reason.

    As for positive? Didn't you read world peace at the end of that post? ;)
  • I recently read an article about beaming electrical energy from photovoltaic satellites in space to harness the energy of the sun. Apparently some guy in Hawaii made it work it's just ridiculously expensive to make happen.

    Zombie guns, eh?


    Nah. Doesn't sound too far fetched.


    Like Quahgg said, it's the coolest friggin' thing ever. One of these days, much of what we think of as sci-fi will become real. Just look at the last 100 years.

    But you're right Flibble. It'd be nice to find some people who are in it to use their powers for the good of human kind.
  • There's no denying the raygun tech works (minus the mind control part), in the sense that it is possible to shoot a radiation beam at someone and microwave them. The US has the same tech. Nicola Tesla was designing a similar idea with his "death ray" gun 100 years ago, which used directed electrical energy instead of radiation. And referring to the satellite tallchick mentioned, Tesla was doing that 100 years ago too (transferring electricity without wires).

    And yeah, if you believe Romero, our society is already zombiefied. Would you even notice the difference if these rayguns were being used? :p

    I'd be interested to read about the medical implications though. Surely microwaving people is begging for trouble?
  • Dr Flibble said:
    Surely microwaving people is begging for trouble?


    Yup. It definitely has some benefits if you look at it like that...

    Seriously, microwaving things is just bad. Because of this thread I looked up some things and microwaved water kills plants in 9 days. Though I suspect highly that the microwaving probably upsets the ph balance in the water turning it into a base or acid. Either way the the point is made. Microwaving shit changes the substance at a molecular level. Some seriously bad things would happen if it is concentrated at humans. Or possibly good if you have cancer.

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