• Who are your heroes? Don't be shy, speak up!

    People you admire.
    Even people you admire despite yourself.
    Maybe even *gasp*...... parents?
    Whoever gives you the good of the inspiration in your life.

    One of my heroes is my Uncle M.
    He's gay, and has ALWAYS been really happy about life in general.
    He's fit, and healthy for his age. He's very ambitious and well-educated.
    He never lets the fact that he's HIV positive get him down and he's always been outspoken about gay rights.

    Whenever he sees me all he says is 'We're so proud of you. Never forget that.' and then gives me the biggest hug. He does that for everyone at family gatherings. Makes sure we all always have our eyes on a goal and never get deterred. Makes sure we stay positive.
  • Um... well I've never really been that kind of person, I'm a leader not a follower. That might be part of my problem (stubbornness). I'd have to say my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I'll end it with that. I'm not the best follower or anything but if i had to finger one I'd have to say that. As far as ppl I actually physically know I couldn't point at anyone... except my Dad I guess. I can't help it I'm just a mini version of him :/ I wouldn't call him a hero, he's just an inalienable influence :/ as unfortunate as it may be.
  • I have several hero's most of them I don't even know the names to but they helped me put my life together. So for that they will always be my hero.

    Hell one of my hero's was the last judge that I ever stood in front of as a minor. He had no reason to not charge me as an adult for some of the reasons that I was there but he saw something in me that no one else saw, including my self. I was 14 looking at a class A felony and more than a little... cocky and instead of throwing the book at me he ordered that I go to a boot camp kind of thing instead. That was not what changed my life though, but it was the start.

    A few years later when I was drugged out of my mind, drunk all the time ad had not been inside a school for a few years that it clicked all of a sudden that I can not be the way that i was any longer. Most of it is because I found out that I was pregnant at the age of 16. I remembered the judge that saw something in me and that is when I started to change.

    The last person that is a hero of mine was the teacher at the alt. school that I decided to show up for even though I never did. Had to write a report on something, don't remember what and she was impressed with me that she had me take my ged pretest. I was thinking oh yeah sure, I have not been to school since the 8th grade I have no high school credits how I can I pass this thing. She reminded me that at one time I was in AP classes for several things and all that was still in my head. I took the test the whole time thinking to myself how stupid I was and how I would never pass even after everything she said to me. She told me I was not like her other students, there was still hope for me because she could see in my eyes i wanted to change. When the results came back she gave me a hug and told me that I could finish high school after all, gave me the money to take my ged and sent me to the community collage where I could take the test. She had done something there that no one had ever done in my whole life. She trusted me and believed in me. I passed the Ged test with honors. I was 17, emancipated and then someone that had got their ged and unable to find a job because of my record. Things did not change for me until shortly after my 18th birthday when I got a job working in the schools that I had spent most my life trying to stay away from. Now granted I was only a janitor at that point but it was a start.
  • Jaded....... I don't mean to get off-topic but.... don't you think you maybe share too much about your personal life on a public forum?
  • Chip said:
    Jaded....... I don't mean to get off-topic but.... don't you think you maybe share too much about your personal life on a public forum?

    Or maybe you share too little!

    *Reads Jaded's posts*

    Wait... no, no you're right. TMI
  • Mr. F...............
  • somaliangangsterpuff said:
    Mr. F...............

    Mr Fagerstrom? From the Department of Engineering at Delaware University? Interesting choice, but OK. :p

  • *snickers*
  • Honestly I don't really have a hero. I guess I'm not that trusting of people, I may admire certain people for their accomplishments but in no way see them as heroes to myself.

    I live my life a day at a time if a day should come that turns out my sun then all my other days are done.
  • Chip said:
    Jaded....... I don't mean to get off-topic but.... don't you think you maybe share too much about your personal life on a public forum?

    I don't see how its a problem that jaded is so open. She has a past that she isn't afraid or ashamed of. I think its pretty cool that she is so open and really puts things in perspective for me.
  • ron jeremy
  • To those that did not care for my post-

    I am not ashamed of most of my past so there for I have no issue talking about some of the things and I have no issues giving credit to the ones that changed my life. If you did not like it that is fine but I will not lessen the credit that should be given to those that deserve it.

    Now instead of mocking me for my gratitude why don't you tell us who your heros are instead of complaining of mine?
  • knowname said:


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