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    Primal Carnage is an asymmetrical online-multiplayer class-based game of humans versus dinosaurs. Choose to play as either side and prepare to engage in a heart-pounding, fun, and visceral experience of combat, stealth, strategy, and survival. Hunt and be hunted!
    I've been tracking this indie game for a while, and let me tell you. I have a feeling it'll be the first game to really nail the whole Dinosaurs vs Humans style of game. So, you're curious about what you can expect in this game? It's being developed using the Unreal Development Kit meaning the game is using the Unreal Engine (and it looks pretty as well).

    Why does this game appeal to me? I love dinosaurs, and I want that feeling of terror as a T-Rex controlled by a player chases you through the jungle. Still curious? Here's the gameplay trailer, and some screenshots.

    [CENTER]Alpha Gameplay Trailer




    Human Classes[/CENTER]
    The Scientist: The Scientist is a skilled markswoman and very lethal with her scoped sniper rifle. In addition to being able to neutralize targets at range, she can also equip tranquilizer darts to slow down a dinosaur and give her teammates a fighting chance. She’s comfortable with distance between herself and her target, but because of her limited close quarters capabilities the Scientist begins to worry and have trouble when the targets get in close. In this situation it is in her best interest to stay near a capable teammate, or run to safety.

    The Scientist is especially useful when it comes to knocking Pteranodons out of the sky, generally at distances where most other weapons are ineffective. Her greatest challenge is often against the horde of Compsognathus, which can overwhelm her steady aim.

    The Commando: The Commando comes well equipped for dishing out serious amounts of damage. His weapon is a combination Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher, and few dinosaurs can withstand it for long. The drawback to such a powerful weapon is the amount of recoil, which can be a hindrance to the weapon’s accuracy. This makes the Commando most effective at close to medium range; while further away the bullet spread can be quite significant. When dinosaurs get right up in his face, the Commando is quick to react with a brutal smack of the weapon, which can send some dinosaurs reeling back.

    No one is better suited to take on a T-Rex than the Commando. His damage output is devastating, and even his inaccurate shots are likely to hit some part of the large beast. It’s the smaller, faster, agile dinosaurs like the Raptors that the Commando has to worry about.

    The Pathfinder: The Pathfinder is the natural leader of the Mercenaries, and a valuable ally for any of them to be around. Not only is he fully equipped to kill and hinder the dinosaurs with his Shotgun and Flare, but he’s not alone; the Pathfinder’s greatest asset is his canine companion. His Dog will stay close by his side, and alert the humans to the dangers of approaching dinosaurs.

    The Pathfinder isn’t usually caught off guard, but he needs to watch out for the Pteranodon, which can fly in without alerting the Dog.

    The Trapper: The Trapper is all about staying cool under pressure and controlling the situation, and for the latter he definitely came prepared. The dinosaurs may have sharp teeth and claws, but without their mobility they are nothing; and that's where the Trapper and his Netgun come into play. A well aimed net can stop most dinosaurs in their tracks, and shortly after they can be dead in their tracks. When dealing damage is preferred, the Trapper can whip out his stylish pistols.

    One shot from the Trapper’s Netgun can turn a fast, agile Raptor to a helpless, netted Raptor; but a meddling Dilophosaurus can weaken the nets with its venom and free a trapped dinosaur. A T-Rex is too big to be stopped by a net, but a well placed one can still have its advantages.

    The Pyro: The Pyromaniac deserves his name, and if his custom-built Flamesaw isn’t proof enough, then his role on the mercenary team is. The Flamethrower part of his weapon is effective for keeping dinosaurs at bay, but with its limited range he has to wait until they get close to begin with. Then there’s the Chainsaw part, and that needs to get in even closer. When ranged destruction is called for, the Pyromaniac does carry around a few grenades for such a purpose. Despite his seemingly reckless nature, his teammates will often rely on him for protection from worse creatures.

    The Pyromaniac’s flames can make short work of an entire Compsognathus horde, but when it comes to the T-Rex he has to decide if he really wants to get up that close.

    [CENTER]Dino Classes[/CENTER]
    T-Rex: When the ground shakes, the mighty T-Rex is near. It dominates the field and demands the attention of the mercenary team as it seeks to satisfy its terrible hunger. The Rex can shrug off attacks that would kill a lesser creature, and death comes swiftly to any human foolish enough to not maintain their distance. However the Rex is not without its weaknesses; its sheer size means the mercenaries can spot it and take shots at great distances, and confined spaces are typically beyond its reach.

    The T-Rex’s favorite snacks are humans with short range attacks, the Commando and Scientist provide a greater challenge.

    Raptor: The Raptor is the ultimate hunter; fast, agile, vicious, and stealthy. It can dart quickly through the jungle, creep from bush to bush, leap between rooftops, and generally run circles around its prey. The greatest challenge the Raptor faces is determining how to get up close to make its attack, as open ground can be covered quickly but its body cannot withstand too much damage.

    The Commando and Scientist will have difficulty keeping a moving Raptor in their sights; a large threat is from the Trapper and his ability to immobilize.

    Dilophosaurus: The Dilophosaurus is a specialized predator, suited to guerrilla style hit and run. A bit larger than the Raptor, the Dilophosaurus is tougher, but also slower and less agile. Its unique advantage is in the venom this deadly creature possesses which can even be spit at range, much to the dismay of its helpless prey.

    Pteradon: The scout class; the Pteranodon is both an eye in the sky and a winged death from above. Though fairly vulnerable, its attacks are rarely anticipated.

    Compsognathus: The horde class; while a single Compy is insignificant a group of them is fairly intimidating. In addition, their small size makes them excellent infiltrators.
    So, yeah. I'm extremely excited about this game! I think it would also be a great event game for NooBTooBer's if more of us picked it up. I have no idea when the game is being released yet, but I have a feeling it'll be sometime this year.

    Also, closed beta's will be happening soon. If you want more information you can check out their website here -
    Anyone else curious?
  • Hmm, it's a nice idea, but I'm not sure I like the fact that it's multiplayer only. I mean, it's an indie game, it's community will probably disappear kinda fast. A horde mode or bot matches would be nice.
  • Chip said:
    Hmm, it's a nice idea, but I'm not sure I like the fact that it's multiplayer only. I mean, it's an indie game, it's community will probably disappear kinda fast. A horde mode or bot matches would be nice.

    I know they've gotten picked up by some publisher, don't know who. They've mentioned bringing out 360, and PS3 versions in the near future after the PC port is released in August of this year. They've also discussed doing some single-player components, and releasing a SDK so players can design their own content.

    I'm really excited!

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