The Legend of Dragoon available on PSN
  • The Legend of Dragoon is coming to PlayStation Network. SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuehi Yoshida announced on the PlayStation Blog today that the classic role-playing game will release on May 1 as a PSone Classic.

    He also revealed that a Legend of the Dragoon 2 entered development shortly after completetion of the first game, but was canceled for “some unknown reason.”

    I guess I should try this along with all the other PsOne JRPG's I haven't tried
  • Everyone, pick this up. seriously.
    Thank you.
  • Next on my list of games to buy and instantly go into backlog
  • I use to have the collectors edition of this game. Its great. I think everyone should get this game.
  • I loved this game when I played it years ago. Completely worth it if you're an old school RPG fan.
  • Another of the PSX RPGs I never played, guess I get a chance WITHOUT paying exorbitant ebay prices :D
  • This is a game that tried to be Final Fantasy VII and only got a silver medal for its efforts. Considering the time though, that was freaking impressive! I have a love-hate relationship with it, especially the combat. I'm debating if I want to play it again.
  • Well it releases tomorrow for anyone interested

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