Manio's Minecraft Maps: Jungle Village - Survival Challenge Map
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    In the year 3256, the world of Minecraftia has been plagued by radiation making the ground area of the world inhabitable. Now, the populace has moved to the trees and began building their civilizations, and homes within the confines of these woody giants.

    [CENTER]Map Name: Jungle Village
    Created By: Manio
    Map Type: Survival-Challenge
    Total Time Put Into Map: 10 Hours

    How To Play: You'll find yourself spawned on a small wooden platform. From here, please read the rules in the actual map for details on how to complete the level, and the challenge. This map does support co-op (I hope) and the recommended amount of players for online play is 2. Any more will unbalance the experience.

    You will find a chest as well with the required items you need. Your goal? Build a house among the trees without dying. If you perish you lose!
    NOTE: If any NooBTooBer records themselves playing this map, and completing it based upon the rules will be given a noobie, which is something we all love. Commentary is encouraged.

    I'd also love feedback, criticisms, suggestions, etc to make my future maps the best maps out there.




    Download URL - Click Here

    Step 1: First off you need to download the map.

    Step 2: Now that you have the file, it is most likely in .rar or .zip format.

    Step 3: Rename the file that you just extracted according to which slot you want it Installed to. For Example: If you want it as World 5 rename it World5. (NO SPACE BETWEEN WORLD AND #)

    Step 4: Now copy or cut your newly acquired World5 folder.

    Step 5: Go to Start button (on Windows). Search Run and hit enter. A pop-up should come up. In the pop-up type " %appdata% " (Remove the quotes) and click OK.

    Step 6: Find and Enter the "Roaming" file. Once inside that file, Find and Enter ".minecraft"

    Step 7: In the .minecraft folder, find "saves". Paste your "World5" folder into saves.

    Step 8: You're good to go. Play on your new world. Have Fun!
  • That looks really awesome, Manio!
  • Brisby said:
    That looks really awesome, Manio!

    Thank you! It is missing one less villager though :(

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