(PS3) Tokyo Jungle News Thread
  • Thought I'd give it a thread to call its own.



    The game will launch in June 7 and new purchases will come with a code to play as a crocodile. It will also launch for $40.

    Wiki shit:

    Tokyo Jungle has two modes: Story and Survival.
    In Story Mode, the player plays through missions centered around various animals. Eventually, the player will discover the truth behind mankind's disappearance. A Pomeranian dog and thoroughbred racehorse are key characters in the story.
    In Survival Mode, the player takes control of an animal and fight for survival against other animals for as long as possible. Tokyo Jungle has online leaderboards so the players can compare their survival skills against one another. Smaller animals will fight in groups, and the player's group can win fights against larger animals by just having one of the group survives the fight.
    The player will have to build up a pack of animals. This is easier for some plant eaters, which means the player may not necessarily be at a disadvantage even if a weaker type was chosen.
    There are 50 breeds and 80 types of animals to be expected. Animals confirmed for Tokyo Jungle include lion, crocodile, tiger, giraffe, hippo, cheetah, chimpanzee, gazelle, chicken, beagle, tyrannosaurus, hyena, and fox. As the player plays through the game, additional playable animals will be unlocked.
  • is Gojira a hidden character?
  • It looks amazing and creative, but as with most games that look awesome on a conceptual level, I expect this game to be dogshit :(
  • It's an interesting concept...but one that no one outside of Japan will get to experience (unless they import of course).
  • Sunflower said:
    It looks amazing and creative, but as with most games that look awesome on a conceptual level, I expect this game to be dogshit :(

    Hey now, it might be this year's Deadly Premonition. :)

    I also have a feeling it won't be that great, but I'm still going to buy it. I want to run around Tokyo as a Pomeranian and build a puppy posse to kill zebras!

  • I really want this game so bad.
  • It's coming out today, will get my copy during my break
  • BTW, it is releasing in Eur/USA!
  • Sunflower said:
    BTW, it is releasing in Eur/USA!

    YESSSSS! Looks awesome and JAPAN has a good track record. Release Date?
  • Cannot find a release date for Eur/USA

    just read the manual, you can get outfits for your animal using your gained survival points:p

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