What Is Scarier???
  • A fight to death!!! Which is the scarier site??? Adult friend finder or Craig's List Casual Encounters???
    Both are trouble if you ask me.
  • Is this how you get all that mad pussy you were talking about? AdultFriendFinder and Casual Encounters?

    Grey: Hey baby, wanna come polish my sword?
    'Ho: Oooh, sounds hot
    Grey: No, it's pretty cool actually, being metal and all...
    'Ho: I bet it's so hard
    Grey: Yeah, but it can be a little wobbly if I swing it really fast though.
    'Ho: Ooooh..... erm....what?
    Grey: Not what baby, wakizashi.
    'Ho: ......
    Grey: Want me to take my shirt off?
  • I haven't really looked into it. What's so troublesome about them?
  • knowname said:
    I haven't really looked into it. What's so troublesome about them?

    Adult friend finder has some... how to put it... mmmm the facebook of bdsm. I guess would be the nice way of putting it. Well at least it was last time I looked on there and I think that was a few years ago.

    Craiglist has mostly hookers and call girls and only a few that are really looking for a date but you really have to ask your self do you really want to find a person to date on a website that sells everything and at the same time you can apply for a job?

    I can see it now- holy shit someone is selling a ps3 for $150.00 mmmm I need someone to play on my new system with me lets take a look at the personals.

    Each major area has its own but below is an example for where I live. I stay away from both those sites like you could not beleive but if I had to pick one that was worse it would be craigslist.

  • Hohoho man, what a weird thread. You are a japanophile loser.

    now to rake in the noobies!
  • Not just those sites but basically any dating sites are trouble if you ask me. I joined a dating site once and was greeted by a 50+ year old man who I didn't even know sending me an album labeled "Merry Christmas" and it was all a bunch of pics of his cock. Aaaannnnndddddddd I was done....no more dating sites for me. wwwarrrggg
  • Was it wearing a santa hat?
  • vowel said:
    Was it wearing a santa hat?

    actually, in one of the pics, it was. :(
  • Brisby said:
    actually, in one of the pics, it was. :(

    Merry Cockmas.
    I dunno, I feel like these dating sites are just a bunch of horny men greasing their meat wands behind the scenes. I've never seen the appeal with them, and when I did check one out I was greeted by a bunch of images of men jerking off. Fun stuff.
  • You dont have a poll, I don't have an answer.

    Alright fine its AFF. At least on Craigslist when I tossed some guy's salad I got that neat-o new harmonica I was looking for.
  • I tried okay cupid once and with in hours I decided that I enjoyed those silly tests that they have on there than any of the men and women that were in there. I am not saying people that its not right for some people its just not my style. I still go with Craigslist being worse though because on friend finder at least you get some free porn even if some of the people are... not what I consider to be attractive.
  • Craigslist is way scarier.

    The things people want you to do for some stuff is unreal.


    That said, I do sometimes get a good, guilty laugh out of reading the personals sections in newspapers when I travel between cities. Craigslist shares a similar place in my warped sense of humour's heart.
  • One thing that craigs list is great for (other than finding a hooker) is finding couples looking for others to join in... That is the section that makes me crack up the most. Hey hon lets put an add on craiglist and see if we can have a 3 way tonight. Sounds like is just a set up to get std's to me.

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