Big Chief Battles S3E4 - Push All of the Buttons
  • A new episode!


    If we don't come out of next week's episode with a positive ratio of wins to losses, I think we might be done. I think we're done.

    All comments and assistance are appreciated. We need to improve.
  • Don't give up yet! In order to improve your win ratio, you guys need to train more and absolutely avoid falling into the same bad habits.

    You have to start learning at least basic combos if you want to improve, especially if you're going to use Hugo.

    Being a Hugo player myself, I can give you direct knowledge on what you should be doing with him but you're gonna have to commit to learning combos. Hugo's go-to move for combos is crouching MP. You can follow it up with light Lariat or light Palm (AKA clap). If you do crouching MP to light Lariat, follow it up with a standing LK into light Back Breaker. Or hell, just a Back Breaker too. If you do cr.MP to light Palm, you can immediately follow it up with another crouching MP, and combo that into light Lariat, etc etc. Crouching MP is where all of Hugo's real damage comes from.

    If you use Dhalsim, you HAVE to stop attempting the same pattern against everyone each and every time. Mix it up, don't go on auto-pilot. That's why that Kazuya player got you so easily; you weren't adapting to what he was doing and you paid for it. Use all your normals to your advantage, Dhalsim has more than just HP. Push all of the buttons!
    Stay grounded with Dhalsim more often. Make them try to get to you, don't bring yourself to them. Use your fireballs to bait people into doing something. If they jump at you, anti-air them. If they try to command dash at you, hit them with a stretchy crouching attack since command dashes do not have lower body invincibility.
    For anti-airs, you should be using standing HK or EX Anti-Air Yoga Flame if they're mid-range, and about to jump in on you, and forward+HK and forward+MK if they're farther away and trying to close the gap by jumping. If you nail someone with HK, you can follow it up with forward+HP for a simple juggle.


    Bob seems to have a much easier learning curve than Raven, and although Raven is the better character overall, I think at this stage Bob may be the better fit for you. Just be sure not to attempt too many risky moves.
    Definitely keep using his Special Step (AKA his command dash) since it seems to be a fairly good approach, and it's fireball invincible too. Try to branch out from only using his uppercut move out of that dash too, since while it does good damage it's also the riskiest move in his whole moveset. Pressing LP after Special Step gives you a basic looking punch that puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing you to continue doing some damage. Pressing LP+MP gives you another punch that crumples opponents like a focus attack would. Pressing LK gives you a low hit that can be followed up with LP+MP for more damage and a knockdown.
    Keep using his high-low mixups to your advantage as well since it looks like you were catching people blocking the wrong way just about every time since no one knows what to expect out of Bob yet. Also, EX Special Step has armor! Definitely use that to your advantage if you need to power through someone.

    Here's some basic combos you could utilize:
    Crouching MK to heavy Giga Jacker (AKA belly-bump) is Bob's simplest combo for some easy damage. Fish for this with crouching MK.

    If you approach from the air, either cross up with MK or drop the elbow on them with HP, OR do HK->HK for a safe two hit attack in the air, and follow any of those with crouching HP to heavy Giga Jacker.

    Special Step+LP to crouching HP to heavy Cracker + K follow-up (Cracker = Headbutt). This is a fairly straight-forward combo, and any time your opponent is in a juggle state, you should be able to hit them with crouching HP to heavy Cracker+K.

    For anti-air, use crouching HP and Cracker.

    If I must, I will grind it out in training with you guys so I can directly show you guys what you should and shouldn't be doing. Put my advice to good use please. :(

    vampirelich said:

    I think there is a patch for the online coming this week... if I'm reading ^that right.

    April 3rd for DLC (both free and paid) and an estimated April 10 for bugs and infinites patch.
  • My zoning game with Sim needs to be stepped up. Like Snake said, f+hk on the ground should be used a LOT more. I am bummed at Sim's knees, though, the AA knee. It's not very great - ends up trading most of the time, and that gets old. But I will sink more time into it. Stay on the ground more so when I'm in the air, surprises abound.

    Lots of good Hugo information that I'll be putting to use. "Make dat ass clap" will happen.

    Whuff. :( Whuff whuff.
  • Use Snake's advice Sunny! Here is some footage of a pretty good Sim player. Although their team does lose in the end I would definitely take notes on the how he is playing Sim. If you're going to play Hugo Snake has you covered.
    Most importantly you two need to work on that team synergy! You guys kept on doing boost combos but didn't follow up with anything you really need to work on that. Also the tagging in, you guys need to work on ways of tagging in other than just running and trying to tag quickly.

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