UK Meet Up 2012?
  • Following on from the tremendous success of last year's meet up, people have started PM'ing and twiting on Tweeter that they'd like to do another one. So here we go folks, let's get planning! Last year I pushed London as a venue because I couldn't be too far from home and a heavily pregnant Mrs Littleg, but what about this year? Is London still the first choice?

    And if we do go for London, when do we do it? Trying to fight your way into the centre of town in the middle of the Olympics might test anyone's patience.

    So post your suggestions in here: Where do you want to meet up? What would you do differently from last year? And when works for you?

    Get all this right and you might get to see sights like these:


    Herculean feats!

  • So yeah, this year I'd really love to come and London would be by far my preferred location. I am on Easter break so I could essentially go to London tomorrow.
    Only time that's kinda bad for me is 23rd of april till 15th of may, cause that's when all my exams are, but I figure I wouldn't have a problem taking a day off for that (these exams are not crucial ;) ). And then at some point later I might be travelling in Europe but no idea when I'll be doing that.
    Basically, I am flexible.
  • AAAHHHH good times good times. I wish I could join you guys this year too, but this year I will be meeting your brethren across the Atlantic.
    Have fun guys. YOW!
  • i wouldn't have a problem if it wasn't so far away from me lol i live all the way at the arse end of the UK pretty much so getting to london is expensive and takes a pretty long time for me
  • Usually I'd push for London since it is, for the most part, the easiest place to get to for UKers. I say that because most people live maybe one train away from a direct train to London and places like Manchester for example tend to require more changes etc. However since the Meetup will likely take place close to or during the Olympics London could be very expensive to go to and be even harder to get around with the share amount of additional people around (Lets face it London is packed normally, with the Olympics I fear it will be worse).

    So I'm up for somewhere new this year and think we should push for that. The likes of Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester etc though a little harder to get to for some would still be do-able and I think Cities are our best bet for meetup's (Mainly due to thier generally good transport connections with the rest of the UK). Anyhow those are my thoughts for the time being, I'll likely have more later.
  • Toronto, so I can hang with all you chaps :(
    In all seriousness, I hope it's another great success this year! Oh, and try not to lose anyone this time, eh? ;)
  • The Olympics are almost 4 months away...
  • Yep, the Games are running from 27th July-12th August. Other than that, I'd like to avoid the last two weeks in June as they're Littler g's birthday and then my best friend's wedding. So any time June in London would probably be OK (preferably early for me!) or we could look further afield...

    Let's settle on a location first as then we can talk about when is best for people to travel there. If we're thinking not London, then where is a viable alternative? Only other major centres would be Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds (maybe?)...
  • i was just doing some searchin around teh webs for anime cons in the uk and i found the MCM expo wich is londons comic con, its from the 25th of may to the 27th, why don't you guys all meet up for that? abit short notice but it could be i want to hear from you guys what its like XD
  • I'm certainly free in the summer, from late May to all through June, so date's shouldn't be tricky. Mid June is when we held it last time and there's usually lots of things happening then.

    Oh, and I've been meaning to say for a year but it wasn't really your fault I got split off from you guys. Sorry about that.

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