Games Only Podcast 31 - Binary Domain, Warriors Orochi 3, Shoot Many Robots
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    This week!

    --hp tells us why he hasn't finished Mass Effect 3. Poor excuse.

    --Doc plays Shoot Many Robots, so stay tuned for his thoughts

    --Sunny gets the holy grail that is Warriors Orochi 3

    --Sunny also plays Binary Domain and has a lot to say...
  • Talking about TV shows in the Games only podcast Heresy!
    Anyway Doctor Who started way before star trek, so you got it the wrong way around.
    And about you hate brits comment, Game of throne is full of Britts!
  • Enjoyable show chaps. Feels odd to say after the excellence of the Modcast with This/That, Deep Thoughts, Top 10s, TWIGs, etc etc. But I love that your format is 'review the games we've been playing, talk about the news, done.' Short, sharp, punchy.

    Shoot Many Robots doesn't look that much fun from what I've seen, I could see it getting repetitive pretty quickly. That said, loot collection will go a long way to brighten up any game...
  • I must admit I'm also focused on the Mass Effect multiplayer to the detriment of the single player. Though I finished the game once and now am gearing up for a second playthrough. Like HP I think I'm warry of going through the ending (again, for me) and the single player is a ton of fun.

    Great show as always, guys!

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