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  • Hello out there it been too long since I been on here. First I like to report that my mother is doing well she had cyber knife treatment not too long ago and were waiting on the results. Cyber knife is a new treatment option for cancer patients she goes back on the 5th of April for a test then we get the results on the 12th. The last good news for me at least is ... I am engaged it only been a couple of weeks and what I hear they want to the wedding after the 20th it heavy duty but, I am so stoked .
  • Congrats dude! Hope your mom gets well, and hope the wedding goes well, too!
  • I shall keep you all posted and there will be pictures!
  • congratulations master blaster :D Hope all is well with your mom.
  • To my surprise she is quite well the treatment did not mess her up since it was a laser bad thing is she still smokes it chaps my hide. She told me she stop smoking as my wedding gift and the bad this is my fiance smokes as well, later in the week I am going to write how it went down.
  • I wish your mother the best of luck and hope that she gets better soon and congrats on getting engaged.
  • thanks Jade and she is much better
  • If you don't mind me asking what kind of cancer does your mom have? Sadly that is something that I know allot about. My grandmothers and one of my grandfather died of cancer and one of my aunts as well.
  • Congrats and best of wishes! Don't be ashamed if they can't kick the habbit right away, Nicotine is a hell of a drug, just keep at it!!
  • Well jade she was going though colon cancer that mastaisted to the lungs, But in 3 weeks we will find out soon. in the week I am going to post something about my current engagement because I got a lot on my mind and I already talked to my mum and aunt about it I just like to hear from more about what I am goona ask about soon.
  • I wish your mother lots of good health! Congrats on the wedding. =)
  • Glad to hear your mom is doing okay and congrats on the engagement. :)
  • Congrats!

    Best to your mom and best of luck with the wedding :D Love and happiness wished to all of you

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