Hitachi creates a new toy for Big Brother
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    Long story short: Hitachi has created software and a CCTV camera (like the type found in many city streets these days) that creates a database of scanned faces of the people who walk past the cameras, and this database can them be searched for a specific face using a passport photo or mug shot or Facebook photo or something similar, and will then spit out a list of "hits" of dates, locations and times the said individual was scanned by any camera in the network. Hitachi is claiming the database can scan 36 million faces per second, finding a match within seconds if the individual has walked past a camera and been close enough to scan.

    This tech is going on sale at some point in the next fiscal year, and while I don't know about other countries, I can imagine the Japanese government being all over this. I'm no surveillance expert (only stalked a few girls) but if this is true the potential for abuse is huge. You think you get a lot of junk mail now for clicking on that porn link? Wait till your every move in public is being tracked and sold off to the highest bidder!
  • Between the level of tech, the cheapness of tech, and the paranoia after 911, I don't think there is any doubt this sort of thing would be used by the US. The Patriot act has curtailed privacy significantly. The only thing that has bothered the American public has been TSA pat downs, which is nuts since electronic invasions are far more universal. Rednecks don't like to be touched I suppose.

    Maybe David Brin was onto something when he proposed the "open society". Years ago, Brin said that tech was going to result in a flood of information and loss of privacy. His solution was to go whole hog, make all information public. I think he had a few exceptions, haven't read it in ten years. Even that is not really a fair solution, since only the government would have the resources to organize and sift the data.
  • I can't get to Canada fast enough...
  • And Canada is gonna make out like a bandit on global warming.
  • Ho boy...this is something special. Mask time!
  • I understand the point of this thread but....... damn that's impressive tech.
  • I cant wait to get my hands on this
  • Those shots are top down! i expected them to be bottom up :p
  • Epke said:
    Those shots are top down! i expected them to be bottom up :p

    hell ya!!!!!!!!!
  • Things will just start getting more and more invasive. Pretty soon it'll all be like The Truman Show.
  • This is why political positions need an age maximum, too.

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