KickinBack Episode 3!
  • [center][video=youtube;ZFBn6RtXhOs]

    MonochromaticX and Slixshot return to the podcasting realm! This time we're trying something new, something special, something different. You're mind will be blown by the amazing editing that doesn't exist. This show is about as bare-bones as it gets. Come hang out for a bit and talk about games, life, and whatever else we can think of. \m/

    Note: This show contains profanity

    On This Weeks Podcast:
    Games:Mass Effect 3, Impossible Game, Radiant Historia, ChronoTrigger, PS Vita, Lumines
    Movies:Hunger Games
    Life:Girls, PAX East, Florida Trip, Storytime

    Musical Credit
  • Delicious stuff, gents. I'll post back later with my thoughts.

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