Games Only Podcast 30 - Asura's Wrath, Shoot Many Robots, Operation Raccoon City
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    -- Sunflower plays and beats Asura's Wrath in front of Dr. Gumaer

    -- hp puts some quality time in with Shoot Many Robots!

    -- Doc tries Rayman Origins...

    -- Sunflower also puts Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City through its paces

    -- hp offers his thoughts on Journey

    -- Doc finally inches towards the end of American Nightmare
  • I'm glad I didn't get Raccoon City, it sounded great and I actually thought it was the new Resident Evil until I did more research. Then I noticed how boring and generic it was. Maybe it COULD be fun with 3 other friends, otherwise I don't see the appeal. As for Rayman Origins, I had a blast playing with 3 friends locally. We always smacked each other around and it became sort of a competition but it was still fun to goof around and get others killed. As long as you're able to stop and take some moments seriously. Good stuff.
  • Ughhh... I did get RE:ORC. :( Its been a long time since I've felt burnt from a retail game. But something for you guys to check out is Sine Mora on xbla, side scrolling shumup with a well written story, lots of character and ship combos and nice graphics.

    I think I like Sine Mora more then Deathsmiles, its $15 on xbla. :)

    Oh and I agree that returning ME3 after beating it is stupid. Its like returning a deodorant stick after its mostly used up because it won't turn anymore to get the last little bit out, you got your value from it, amazon shouldn't give refunds.

    Anyway good show, I enjoyed it. :)
  • Enjoyable show as always, pretty glad I skipped Raccoon City in the end, looking back I think I was just really bored and desperately looking for something new to play that got me excited in the first place. That game could have been so good, and an excellent jumping on point for players new to Resident Evil. I have to wonder whether Slant Six Games would have ever made it a good game, as really I can't think of anything they've made that I enjoyed. Watching Asura's Wrath was one of the most enjoyable viewing experiences that I've had for a while. The unique universe and the characters sucked me in extremely easily, and I loved every second of it. The game goes to levels of insanity I didn't think possible, and it was awesome. When the credits rolled after Sunny beat the first boss I freaked out thinking the game was over. I wanted to see what happened so much, I NEEDED to see how it ended. I hope to pick this up for cheap down the road, not to play it, but simply because I enjoyed watching it so much that it just feels right to give back monetarily, if only in the hopes that they maybe continue the universe on with an Anime show or maybe even a second game. I want to know how the Gohma came to be!
  • Fun episode as always, but robots have nuts?
    let's nibble nobby's... Robby's nuts? :p

    I wonder if it will be implemented ME3 ending
  • Great show, as usual. Glad to hear HP had a fun experience with Journey. I had a similar experience. Most notably was the introduction to the snakes: I stopped in a tube and my teammate went forward. Neither of us had seen the dangers of the snake so he continued obliviously. All I see is him walk into the light, stop, and explode on impact. It was priceless. :)

    I'm curious to hear about Binary Domain next week.
  • When I read Racoon City reviews, I felt sorta bad for Sunflower. He is the biggest RE fan I know, and when a game lets you down like this it really is sad.

    I didn't know about the Amazon refund thing until I heard your show. I am shocked that gamers are that stupid and whiny over a game. The reality is that there are A LOT OF SUPER SHITTY games out there. Hundreds of shitty games with shitty endings. In reality, Mass Effect's endings are not the worst possible thing out there right now. Millions have paid $60 for shittier games with shittier endings, so my question is "Why is there such an outcry for a good game with a mediocre ending?"

    Gamers who complain and demand refunds are absolute fucking pussies. If you don't like the writing, read a different story. You can't change what the author writes in their book after it's published, so why are you pussy gamers expecting Bioware to change what they have given you? It's their property. It's their way they want to end the series. It's their fucking choice, not yours. This isn't "Create Your Own Adventure - Mass Effect," so stop expecting it to be. If you want a CYOA game, go play an MMO or some endless RPG. Mass Effect games have never had a controllable ending; in ME1, you kill Sovereign. In ME2 you have two options. In 3, you actually have the most variety out of the series, but for some reason, people hate it most?

    Personally, I'm happy with my ending and I'm happy with the other endings I saw on youtube. Bioware made a choice, they wrote a game with these endings, and I accept it, and I look back and say "Damn, they've given me A LOT of good games over the past 10+ years and I'm going to keep buying their shit."

    For the life of me, I do NOT understand why this many gamers think it's their right to choose the ending. It's like they're all getting together and saying "This is what I was hoping for, and since I didn't get it I am super pissed now."

    I didn't buy ME3 because I knew the ending already. I wouldn't want to. I bought it because of the story that I wanted to finish. It finished. I'm happy with it. These gamers who are complaining want and ending that they expected? What's the fucking point of reading a book if the author releases a new final chapter that you already know?

    Between this Amazon refund shit and all the Kickstarter crap lately, I'm really embarassed by how stupid some gamers are. What a bunch of stupid idiots.

    I think as a whole, gamer's expectations for some games are just too damn high. If you take ME3 and Dragon Age 2 (two games that got relatively poor feedback by hardcore gamers) and compare them to other RPG's made by smaller, lesser-quality studios, you would easily see that Bioware games are at a totally different level of quality; they're so much better than many RPG's out there, but since they have the name Mass Effect and Dragon Age, they come with unrealistic expectations. I wrote an entire "review" on Dragon Age 2 on these forums and I stick by that message still; Despite high expectations and poor reviews by hardcore players, Bioware always produces quality shit and their games will always be of higher quality than many studio's out there. It doesn't mean we can rip them down because their game didn't meet our unrealisticly high expectations; that's not fair. We as a gaming community need to take a big damn step back, take a deep breath, and take look at what Bioware has given us: is it really a pile of shit as the whiny fanboys cry about on numerous forums across the internet? or is it a well-built game that doesn't quite mesh with every gamer out there.

    On other notes;

    Kingdom's of Amalur got DLC this past week. I bought it, haven't played it yet. I know Doc wont buy it, but I'll provide some feedback next week if anyone is interested. I fucking love this game. It's a great game to step back into after the marathon of ME3. Also, they had release DLC weapon packs; I bought all 3 for 240 MS points each back in February. This week, they released a "All Weapons Pack" that included all 3 packs for 400 MS points. I know I'm only out like $4, but damn...that hurts me on the inside a little.

    I picked up Rayman Origins for $20 a month ago. I have the same reaction that Doc is having. Calling everything "boners" is appropriate. It's certainly not the worst Rayman game ever. Major props to Ubi, right?

    ME3 multi is fantastic. I've been playing with randoms and I can affirm that it's made me a better player; you can't depend on your teammates for shit, so you learn to survive and get things done alone. I've learned to kick ass whether I have good teammates or not, and as a result I'm finding that I kickass regularly. When I have good teammates I have fun, when I have shitty teammates I look good. Win-win either way. I beat a Silver challenge easly with a group of level 18+ randoms with no mics. I'm no achievement whore, but there is one for beating all 6 maps on Gold. I'd love to earn that achievement just for the badass factor, but I'm not going to try unless I'm with friends.

    Good show fellas.
  • I'm sorry, I didn't want to listen to this podcast unless I could get the cake ending.

  • Too many options for people...

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